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To fully understand what NSP is. Firstly, we have to know about what is a Network and what are network services.

What is Network?

A Network is a connection of two or more devices which communicate with each other for sharing images, files, audio, videos, and resources.

The devices that want to transmit data and resources are connected via twisted-pair cables, optical fiber cables, co-axial cable, radio waves, and Bluetooth technology.

The best example of a network is the Internet, which connects thousands even millions of users across the globe via their network devices.

Following are some network devices which can communicate with each other with the physical medium:

  • Laptops, tablets, computers, and mobile phones.
  • Hubs and switches.
  • Firewalls.
  • Routers and Modems.
  • Network Interface Card, etc.

What are Network Services?

Those applications, functions, and services of the network which are managed by the IT service providers for their clients and customers are called network services.

Enterprises and consumers can purchase the services of the network directly from MSPs (Managed Service Providers) and NSPs (Network Service Providers).

Network services include various network operations, security and performance services, and communication methods.

What is NSP?

NSP is a short form of 'Network Service Provider'.

It is a business or company that sells the bandwidth by supplying the Internet backbone to the Internet Service Providers and large organizations directly for the consumer's use. Sometimes, NSP is also called backbone service providers.

Network Service Providers are considered the same as ISPs, but in many situations, they provide Internet access to the ISPs.

NSPs establish and manage the primary infrastructure of the Internet across the world. This service provider includes the fiber optic line which gives the high bandwidth of thousands of gigabits per second.

When we use a cable modem and DSL modem for Internet connection, then we connect to the ISP, and the ISP automatically establishes a connection with the internet backbone of NSP.

The responsibility of network service providers is to make sure that the network across the globe is reliable and performs decently.

The reliability feature is serious for the telecommunication organizations which offer high-speed internet access to the consumers.

NSP routes all the traffic and builds its infrastructure to meet the traffic demands.

ISPs purchase cloud-based services from the NSPs for offering the services to their users, businesses, and consumers.

In the United States, MCI, Verizon, AGIS, BBN, Sprint, and AT & T are the major network service providers.

Now, let's have a brief study about the ISP.

What is an ISP?

ISP is a short form of Internet Service Provider.

Internet Service Provider is also an organization which offers the collection of internet services to home users or businesses.

ISPs are also similar to the NSPs, but ISPs supply internet connectivity using the backbone infrastructure of NSPs.

When users across the world are connected to the internet then their connection is routed through the ISP.

ISP provides various services such as virtual hosting and website building for their user, consumers, and businesses.

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