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It is similar to the arrange function. However, it doesn?t allow us to specify the step size in the syntax.

Instead of that, it only returns evenly separated values over a specified period. The system implicitly calculates the step size.



It accepts the following parameters.

  1. start: It represents the starting value of the interval.
  2. stop:It represents the stopping value of the interval.
  3. num: The amount of evenly spaced samples over the interval to be generated. The default is 50.
  4. endpoint: Its true value indicates that the stopping value is included in the interval.
  5. rettstep: This has to be a boolean value. Represents the steps and samples between the consecutive numbers.
  6. dtype: It represents the data type of the array items.


An array within the specified range is returned.

Example 1


The array over the given range is  [10.  12.5 15.  17.5 20.]

Example 2


The array over the given range is  [10. 12. 14. 16. 18.]

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