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NZEC in Java

While coding in different cutthroat destinations, many individuals probably experienced NZEC blunders. NZEC (non-zero exit code), as the name proposes, happens when your code is neglected to bring 0 back. At the point when a code returns 0, it implies it is effectively executed. Any other way, it will return some other number contingent upon the kind of blunder.

At the point when the program closes, it should return "0" to show in the event that it completed fine and can't do so, it causes NZEC. Obviously, there are more cases related to NZEC.

NZEC is a runtime blunder. It, for the most part, happens when a negative cluster file is accessed, or the program which we have reviewed takes more space than the assigned memory for our program to run.

When does the NZEC Error Occur?

NZEC error occurs at run time. So it is a run time error. In the case of arrays, the NZEC error occurs when the index becomes negative.

NZEC occurs mainly due to:

  1. Incorrect Memory Access
  2. Infinite Recursion
  3. Typically implies that your program has either crashed or raised an uncaught exception.
  4. Numerous runtime blunders.
  5. Use of an outside library that isn't utilized by the appointed authority

How to Debug the NZEC Error in Java

In languages such as java, python, etc., we have exception handling techniques. By using this technique, we can resolve the NZEC error in java.

Infinity Recursion

A function or a method call by itself directly or indirectly until the base condition is satisfied is called recursion.

Utilizing recursion, specific issues can be tackled without any problem. Instances of such cases are DFS, BFS, Towers of Hanoi (TOH), Inorder/Preorder/Postorder Tree traversals, DFS, and so forth.

NOTE: Infinity Recursion happens when the recursion doesn't end after a limited number of recursive calls. As the base condition is never met, the recursion continues endlessly.

Example program on infinity recursion:


NZEC in Java

Example program for negative array index:


NZEC in Java

To overcome:

Few Noticeable Purposes behind NZEC Error

  1. Infinity Recursion or, then again, assuming you have run out of stack memory.
  2. Information and result are NOT precisely the same as the experiments.
  3. In the web-based stages, test your program utilizing a PC code which coordinates your result with the predefined yields precisely.
  4. This kind of blunder is additionally shown when your program is performing essential programming botches like divided by 0.
  5. Check for the upsides of your factors. They can be helpless against integer flow.

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