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Object Serialization Using Jackson

We use the Jackson library to serialize an Object such as List, Map, Java object, etc. We can serialize an Object into JSON and put it into a file. In order to serialize an object, we use more than one class and method.

We create the ObjectMapper class to use the writeValue() method. The writeValue() method is used to write data into a JSON file. In order to use the file, we create an instance of the File class.

At the time of serializing Object, three possible exceptions can occur, i.e., JsonGenerationException, JsonParseException, or JsonMappingException. So, we import these three exception classes to handle them.

Let's take an example to understand how serializing is done by using Jackson. In this example, we create a Product class convert it into JSON and store data into a products.json file.

Follow the steps given below to convert Java objects into JSON:

  1. First, we will create a Maven project using Eclipse IDE.
  2. After that, we add Jackson dependency in the pom.xml file to use Jackson for converting Java objects to JSON.
  3. Next, we will create POJO (, which we want to convert into a JSON file.
  4. Next, we will create a Java class for converting Java objects into JSON.


Object Serialization Using Jackson

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