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What is the Full Form of OIC

OIC: Organisation of Islamic Cooperation

OIC stands for Organisation of Islamic Cooperation. An intergovernmental organisation with 57 member states, the Organisation of Islamic Cooperation (previously known as the Organisation of the Islamic Conference), was established in 1969. In 2015, more than 1.8 billion people were living in the member states, about 49 of which had a Muslim majority. It represents the interests of the Muslim community and seeks to uphold and protect their interests and promote world peace and harmony.

OIC Full Form

The OIC has a permanent body of representatives in both the European Union and the UN. Within the confines of the OIC Charter, it maintains numerous associated, specialised, and subsidiary organisations. Arabic, English, and French are the OIC's official languages.

The Organization of Islamic Cooperation covers four continents and is the second-largest intergovernmental organisation after the United Nations. It has maintained a number of organisations and institutions that are focused on a range of topics, including social, political, and educational.

Its components comprise subsidiaries, specialised and affiliated organisations, Islamic colleges, commercial and non-profit organisations, and a number of standing committees that primarily perform important roles within the OIC.

In total ("Collective Area"), 31.66 m km2 are covered. OIC's headquarters are in the Saudi Arabia City of Jeddah.

By its charter, the OIC aims to maintain international harmony and security, advance education, particularly in the sciences, and safeguard Islamic social and economic values. It also encourages solidarity between its member states.

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