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OnlyFans Alternatives

OnlyFans is a famous platform for sharing content. This is a subscription-based service. Many people are looking for OnlyFans alternatives because of the site's fierce competition and enormous popularity. There are a number of platforms like OnlyFans, and here, the best substitutes for OnlyFans are described:

1. Fancentro

This is the best substitute for Onlyfans. This is a subscription-based service. This allows influencers and people who perform in pornographic films to monetize by using their personal social media accounts.

OnlyFans Alternatives

Features of Fancentro:

  1. Pornographic photographs are not allowed in the profile, but the detailed information that subscribers can expect is mentioned.
  2. The services that creators offer to their followers include access to social media, a Fancentro feed, or other unique videos and photographs.
  3. Creators can offer free trials and discounts.
  4. The subscription packages are selected by content producers based on cost and length.
  5. Creators can advertise their accounts on the Fancentro directory.
  6. A 25 % commission is charged by Fancentro on all earnings.

Information about Fancentro:

  1. Launched: February 8, 2017
  2. Available in: Russian, Spanish, German, and English
  3. Site type: Premium social network
  4. Headquarters: Matawan
  5. Area served: Worldwide
  6. Founders: Stan Fiskin and Alan Hall
  7. CEO: Alan Hall
  8. Services: Social media advertising, instant message, subscriptions, streams, and video stores.

2. Loyalfans

This is the one of the best substitutes for Onlyfans. Many options to communicate with fans and exchange content are available on Loyalfans. This platform draws public figures, creators, artists, and influencers. This content-sharing site was created exclusively for those who produce pornographic content. It was once known as NexoCams and now offers authors a variety of income sources in addition to live-streaming.

OnlyFans Alternatives

Features of Loyalfans:

  1. Creators have the option to include the logo in their profiles.
  2. Live streaming, subscriptions, video store sales, individual messaging requests, and a referral scheme are always available for creators to earn money.
  3. A checkmark for sensitive information is present, along with proper photo identification that the creator has uploaded.
  4. The cost of a subscription ranges from $ 1 to $ 50.
  5. Features like video calling, direct messaging, and live broadcasting are available to creators.
  6. The price for text postings, video and picture posting is up to $ 500.
  7. A 20 % commission is taken by Loyalfans.


'Meet Your Model' is referred to as MYM. This is a platform that enables creators to create special connections with their followers in a small group.

OnlyFans Alternatives

Features of

  1. Subscription fees are decided by the creators.
  2. Creators are able to create a professional account.
  3. Subscriptions, video store sales, individual messaging requests, and a referral scheme are always available for creators to earn money.
  4. MYM advises accounts to start with 20 or more media posts.
  5. A 25 % commission is taken by MYM.
  6. Push feature is provided for the creator, and by using this, they can send group messages.
  7. 50 Euros is the minimum payout.

Information about

  1. Available in: English, Hindi, Bangla¸ Arabic, and Telugu
  2. Site type: Premium social network
  3. Headquarters: Paris
  4. Area served: Worldwide
  5. Founder: Gaspard Hafner

4. Fansly

This is another best substitute for Onlyfans. On this site, creators register to become a model and get a confirmation in a few hours. Top models earn $ 10,000 or more per month, according to Fansly.

OnlyFans Alternatives

Features of Fansly:

  1. 20 % of profits are taken by Fansly.
  2. Emoji removal in images is sold by creators.
  3. Referral bonuses are available to creators.
  4. $ 20 is the minimum payout.
  5. Prominent suggestion feature connecting users to verified creators.
  6. There is a search tool on the platform to make it simpler for users to look up their favourites.
  7. Creators are able to set up several subscription tiers.

Information about Fansly:

  1. Available in: English, Hindi, Bangla¸ and Telugu
  2. Headquarters: Baltimore
  3. Area served: Worldwide
  4. CEO: Michael E.

5. Fanvue

Every type of creator, as well as adult entertainers and other niches, are catered to by Fanvue. Fanvue has implemented a discoverability function similar to Instagram, making it simpler for creators to discover and earn subscribers. The ability to sell NFTs directly through Fanvue allows fans to buy copyrighted digital content.

OnlyFans Alternatives

Features of Fanvue:

  1. Creators can post an advertisement on their profiles to attract subscribers.
  2. Through new subscriptions, renewals, tips, paid postings, pay-to-view messaging, and personalized content, creators can monetize their work.
  3. This website offers an earnings calculator.
  4. Takes a 15 % commission for the first 12 months and, afterwards, a 20 % commission.

6. Okfans

This is yet another excellent substitute for OnlyFans. This aids content creators in earning money. Okfans advises creators to schedule their time and set up plans to meet the demands. This allows cross-collaboration and content creation with creators in the same field to form a community and share followers.

OnlyFans Alternatives

Features of Okfans:

  1. Through new subscriptions, renewals, tips, paid postings, pay-to-view messaging, and personalized content, creators can monetize their work.
  2. Creators have the option of sharing content with subscribers only, with everyone, or at a specific cost.
  3. On Okfans profiles, creators can submit pictures and videos.
  4. Creators can stream live for their audience.
  5. Referral commissions are 5 %.

7. Fanso

Fanso adopts a different strategy in which a creator or someone looking to enter the market can establish a community marketplace with a monthly subscription. As a creator, you have the option of taking ownership of a self-hosted platform or collaborating with the account's owner in exchange.

OnlyFans Alternatives

Features of Fanso:

  1. Countless streaming times.
  2. Simple creation of your own platform, similar to Cameo, OnlyFans, and Patreon.
  3. White label self-hosted option.
  4. Individual profile dashboards for simple management.
  5. Integrating useful APIs, such as live streaming, an online store, payment processors, etc.
  6. Utilize tokens to monetize live-streaming content.
  7. Offered free demo.
  8. Complete access to the source code for simple customization.

8. JustForFans (JFF)

This is yet another excellent substitute for OnlyFans. Dominic Ford developed this platform in 2018. This is a subscription-based service, and this site is designed exclusively for adult content creators and sex workers. If you're a non-adult content creator, you cannot sign up for JFF. JFF is renowned for having a large number of gay adult creators.

OnlyFans Alternatives

Features of JustForFans (JFF):

  1. The price range for subscription plans is $ 4.99 to $ 14.99.
  2. JFF deducts 30 % from every profit.
  3. By allowing access to Snapchat and Instagram profiles, creators can earn money.

9. AduItNode

AduItNode is an attractive adult social site that utilizes a token approach. Users buy token packs, which they utilize on their preferred models. AduItNode resembles a mix of Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram, so it is convenient for users.

OnlyFans Alternatives

Features of AduItNode:

  1. This platform is user-friendly because of its large fan base.
  2. A 25 % commission is charged by AduItNode on all earnings.
  3. Uses a token-based approach. Users purchase tokens and then use them to purchase content.
  4. Using the CrowdPay tool, creators can set financial goals.

10. AdmireMe

This is yet another excellent substitute for OnlyFans. This is a subscription-based service, and it was developed to fill the gap between platforms and models.

OnlyFans Alternatives

Features of AdmireMe:

  1. Fans find it simpler to browse the information; all thanks to specialized search tools.
  2. One hundred pounds is the minimum payout. For any payout that is less than 100 pounds, there is a fee.
  3. A 25 % commission is charged by AdmireMe on all earnings.
  4. Subscriptions start at 3 pounds and go higher from that.

11. Unlockd

Unlockd is a recent newcomer in the adult market and seems to have the ability to overtake OnlyFans. Unlockd appears to be an excellent platform for those who make adult content.

OnlyFans Alternatives

Features of Unlockd:

  1. All artists have an equal opportunity to sell themselves due to the search tool.
  2. A 15 % commission is charged by Unlockd on all earnings.
  3. Excellent customer service and a 24-hour resolution guarantee.
  4. All creators have their own dashboards.

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