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Optative Sentence Example

Definition: Optative sentences communicate wishes, prayers, blessings, curses, and wants for someone or something. Here are a few examples that demonstrate the point.

Optative Sentences

A sentence that expresses certain wishes for somebody is an optative sentence.

Optional sentence definition:

When wishing or praying for somebody or something. Then optative sentences come in handy. Normally, an optative statement starts with the words "May" or "Wish."

These sentences may also begin with the word Let.

Some alternative sentences that begin with these words are provided below.

Optative Sentence Example

Begin With May

  1. May you find a wonderful job ?
  2. May you enjoy many more years.
  3. May you have a happy and healthy journey.

Begin With A Wish

  1. Wish you a happy birth anniversary.
  2. Wish you all the best.
  3. Wish you every success.

Begin With Let

  1. Let us all pray for his easy transport.
  2. Let India and Pakistan live in peace.
  3. Let there be love and harmony in the nation.

Optative Sentence Example

Now let us have a look at a few examples of the optative sentence.

  1. May you live a long life.
  2. Long live our nation.
  3. I wish you a wonderful marriage.
  4. May she get a permanent position.
  5. May my sister be popular.
  6. May my brother make a lot of money.
  7. May you have a safe and enjoyable trip.
  8. Let there be love and harmony in society.
  9. May Sammy prepare delectable meals.
  10. Long live the King.
  11. Live peacefully ever after.
  12. May Ahmad reside here.
  13. I wish she'd quit drinking.
  14. I wish he will keep his word.
  15. May we both live in harmony.
  16. Wish you a very happy Halloween.
  17. I wish I could be a doctor as well.
  18. May you live a long and fruitful life.
  19. Let India be at peace.
  20. May Allah reward you.
  21. May she soon be bestowed with a child.
  22. May you be protected from any harm.
  23. May you have a good and long life.
  24. May God grant you a baby.
  25. May your company prosper.
  26. May you be well and prosperous.
  27. May God provide you with all the joy in the world.
  28. May we go to university together.
  29. May he be successful in life.
  30. May God provide you with all you require.
  31. May he be prosperous in life.
  32. May he have a long, joyful life.
  33. May I have your consent to leave ?
  34. We wish you a blissful life ever after !
  35. May you live a productive and long life.
  36. May all of your desires come true.
  37. May you be graced with all of life's pleasures.
  38. May you be healthy, affluent, and happy.
  39. May he/she succeed in his/her examinations.
  40. May you enjoy every moment of life.
  41. May you have a happy and healthy life !
  42. May your endeavors be rewarded.
  43. May you be rewarded with all that you require.
  44. May he/she succeed in his/her examination.
  45. May your difficulties be few.
  46. May we never betray one another.
  47. May all of your aspirations come true.
  48. May this be your finest year yet !
  49. May your life be wealthy and great !
  50. May we always be available for you.
  51. Let the celebration begin.
  52. Let there is light in everyone's life.
  53. Let people recognize your brilliance.
  54. May his spirit find peace.
  55. Let your endeavors be rewarded with victory.
  56. Let us all pray for his safety.
  57. May she accomplish all of her life's ambitions.
  58. God bless you with a lot of riches and pleasure in your life.
  59. Long live your grandmothers.
  60. Wish you great luck on your anniversary.
  61. Best wishes for your meeting.
  62. May Team India win tonight's game.
  63. Wish you a very happy anniversary.
  64. Wishing you a very joyful 31st wedding anniversary !
  65. May he survive the journey.
  66. I wish to assist my family in the coming years.
  67. Wish you the best of luck in your future work.
  68. I wish you a joyous union.
  69. May you and your companion enjoy a long and happy life.
  70. Best wishes on your search for old pals.
  71. May you be accepted to your dream college.
  72. May you finish this project within the time.
  73. May you triumph in this marathon.
  74. May you have a wonderful journey.
  75. Wish you a great flight.

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