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Ordering of Words

41) Doctors suggest

A. health check up
B. regular
C. the risk of diseases
D. to reduce

  1. BADC
  2. DCBA
  3. DBAC
  4. CDBA

Answer: A

Explanation: Doctors suggest regular health check up to reduce the risk of diseases.

42) He took

A. the bank to
B. a loan from
C. start his
D. dairy business

  1. ABCD
  2. DBAC
  3. BACD
  4. CDBA

Answer: C

Explanation: He took a loan from the bank to start his dairy business.

43) She was not

A. from office
B. so she took
C. felling well
D. five day leave

  1. ABCD
  2. CBDA
  3. BCDA
  4. CBAD

Answer: B

Explanation: She was not feeling well, so she took five-day leave from office.

44) He is

A. full of money which he
B. Once he returned a purse
C. known for his honesty
D. found on the road

  1. CDBA
  2. BDAC
  3. CBAD
  4. DABD

Answer: C

Explanation: He is known for his honesty. Once he returned a purse full of money which he found on the road.

45) Foster care system

A. helps children who
B. care and protection
C. are in need of
D. is a system that

  1. DCAB
  2. ACBD
  3. CDAB
  4. DACB

Answer: D

Explanation: Foster care system is a system that helps children who are in need of care and protection.

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