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Oru Thekkan Thallu Case Review

Oru Thekkan Thallu Case's narrator claims that a little village in South Kerala could be viewed in its whole from the top of a lighthouse that is 250 meters high and situated on the seashore. Then, as expected, Biju Menon's cartoon character emerges from inside the tower. Before the movie starts, a cute short cartoon introduces the village residents.

Oru Thekkan Thallu Case Review

A few shots show that Biju Menon is Amminipilla, a type of local hero figure that nobody wants to deal with. He is up against a group of five young guys for various reasons. This rivalry is the movie's focus, based on a short tale by GR Indugopan. It is set against a lovely rural backdrop but needs a better narrative. It is the first feature of filmmaker Sreejith N.

In the middle of the 1980s, the narrative takes place in the Kollam area. No one explicitly states the year, but the well-prepared set makes it apparent. The time is pleasantly reflected in the streets, the stores, and the attire of both men and women. Every time there is a scene in the town, characters who aren't involved in the main storyline appear. Prasanth Murali is a guy who sells herbal mixtures and a sex worker who has feelings for Amminipilla. They like listening to Amminipilla's conversations with the young guys he hangs out with, including Podiyan (Roshan Mathew).

Much like he did in Thottappan, Roshan Mathew can change into a rugged, disorderly guy with resentment. He and his buddies gather in shadowy places to plan their revenge against Amminipilla, who has unintentionally made them feel inferior in many ways. Amminipilla and his wife Rukmini reside in a charming home.

Vasanthi (Nimisha Sajayan), who has only vowed to marry Podiyan, lives beside them. The four of them make for an odd group: Amminipilla and Rukmini have happy lives, young Vasanthi and Rukmini are friends, and Vasanthi and Podiyan are deeply in love, yet Podiyan and Amminipilla are at odds with one another.

The connection between the ladies is warm and comforting. Still, Padmapriya's excellent performance is overshadowed by the dubbing used to try to make the role talk in the south Kerala dialect. In Malayalam cinema, their characteristics are not restricted to being concerned about men but also about each other. Their bonds with the women are crucial to the men's strength; therefore, they cannot overlook them.

Oru Thekkan Thallu Case Review

As Amminipilla, Biju Menon, who has been improving for a while, does excellent work. Even the most minor facial expressions that emerge between battles are lovely. He watches as one of the young gang of men approaches him in fear with a pleased grin. The camera (Madhu Neelakandan) shows him in several compelling images, lighting a beedi from a stove and jumping to the ground on one knee in preparation to face a group of guys. Additionally, upbeat music is playing in the background to support Amminipilla whenever he reappears.

Four young performers, Aswath Lal, Arun, Reju, and Akhil, do wonderfully well, ranting, moaning, and making peace. However, the writing frequently fails to evoke the feelings it seeks; most humor falls flat, and the retaliations must be more convincing. In addition, the movie romanticizes gang warfare, with the lady telling her humiliated partner to "go drink three bottles of toddy and fight up every who speaks ill of him in a way they'll remember forever." The ending, which looked original when the credits rolled, is extended to a scene with the hero using the same principle later.

The Main Idea of the Story

Amminipilla humiliates Podiyan as he tells the neighborhood about his secret amorous rendezvous with Amminipilla one evening. As a result, Podiyan and his friends plan to get even with Amminipilla.


Rukmini Pilla, Amminipilla 's wife, and Vasanthi, Podiyan Pilla's girlfriend, reside nearby and are good friends. Amminipilla is a well-liked elder in the neighborhood. On his property one evening, Ammini slaps Podiyan Pilla after he is caught having a sexual relationship with Vasanthi before being married. After being enraged by this scene, Podiyan Pilla assaults Amminipilla with the aid of his friends.

After the attack caused him to spend several months in bed, Amminipilla decided to teach Podiyan Pilla and his companions a small lesson for attempting to end his life in a way that Society would also recognize it. The egos of Podiyan Pilla and his friends have been hurt by Ammini's dismissal to file a complaint and resolve to handle things independently. Since they are confused about handling the problem, they seek answers.

Oru Thekkan Thallu Case Review

Biju Menon portrays the hometown hero Amminipillai as entertaining to see. Biju Menon portrays Amminipilla wonderfully and has been improving for a time. Even the most straightforward sentiments that come through clearly during the conflict are amazing. In the part of Podiyan, an obnoxious, pompous, and violent character with an equal proportion of fear, Roshan Mathew develops a powerful impact as usual.

Roshan Mathew may effortlessly transform into a bold angry man harboring hatred. Padmapriya seemed a natural choice to play the role of Rukmini. She has the most outstanding presence, even with little screen time. She has the power to steal the show. Nimisha specializes in speaking "thekkan" (south) Malayalam. They aren't just reduced to worrying about males; they also show compassion for one another in their personalities.

Overall, the performance and casting are excellent. I like Padmapriya's performance; she felt like a good fit for the character of Rukmini. Nimisha plays the part of Podiyan's girlfriend, Vasanthi, who is naive and seems to live in a fantasy world with spontaneity. Additionally remarkable are all of Podiyan's gang's actors. With characters this well-developed and appealing, the performers are in excellent hands.

The Technical Side of the Direction

The Oru Thekkan Thallu Case is a story about pride and ego and how they affect those who live in a village's restricted environment. Director Sreejith N has skillfully created the atmosphere of a little beach town in the early 1990s, and the film's main plot is engaging. Making a movie out of a book or story always leads to comparisons. The first half will satisfy both readers and spectators.

The second section, which attempts to take a break from the story, occasionally makes mistakes. The basic premise is interesting, but the pace is a weakness. Some supporting stories may have been deleted from the film's 150-minute runtime to make it even better.

A round of praise is for the filmmaking of Madhu Neelakantan, Sameera Saneesh, and Dileep Nath. Another element that impresses audiences is the Justin Varghese soundtrack. He will undoubtedly win prizes for creating such excellent tunes and background music.

Strong Suspense

Oru Thekkan Thallu Case has enough humor to be enjoyable as a festival film. Furthermore, there are a lot of stressful circumstances that keep you on the edge of your seat. That mainly works as a result of the casting. We will grow to like each character, essential for creating tension, humor, and a sense of community. They keep you interested until the end and won't let you go.

Sreejith and his crew have created a delightful movie overall. In too many ways, it is excellent. It features stunning music tracks and songs, compelling performances, well-built tension, entrancing humor, and evocative, realistic locales.

Audiences Opinion

The story shows how, occasionally, a seems to unnecessary occurrence may turn into something bigger. The movie is enjoyable because of its evocative, realistic settings, well-crafted tension, and comedy.

Rating: 3.5 Stars

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