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Paappan Review

The research is carefully constructed into several stories from the past and present of the film's protagonist Abraham by scriptwriter RJ Shaan and director Joshiy. Additionally, Paappan is one of the few movies with a celebrity that would pass the Bechdel test (a measurement of how often women are portrayed in film and other media) with excellent results.

Paappan Review


The police chief appoints Abraham Mathan Mathew, a former circle inspector, as a consultant after discovering that a murderer's mode of operation resembles a suspected serial killer just recently released from custody. However, both professionally and personally, Abraham's life was significantly impacted by previous events. As police officer Vincy leads the inquiry into his daughter's separation, he finds himself revisiting past wounds and attempting to mend their damaged relationship. As the victims multiply, Abraham and Vincy must work together to identify the serial killer and attacker.


Paappan Review

Suresh Gopi's comeback as a super policeman is another film highlight, even though he only appears in flashback scenes. The protagonist, Suresh Gopi, is more collected and resembles a more experienced Bharat Chandran. The character becomes mature because of the slow phrase delivery and salt-and-pepper attire. Both Neeta and Suresh Gopi have equal control of the movie. Neeta Pillai doesn't seem out of place playing a police officer, and it gives her a sense of personality to the part.

The creative team made sure to avoid stereotypes while presenting Vincy. However, they also made care to gently address them through other supporting characters, such as a police chief who claims he was asked if a female police officer could manage a high-profile case or a cop whose first thought is to doubt a woman's integrity.

The presence of his real-life father overshadowed Gokul Suresh's performance as Paappan's kid. Nyla Usha has done a fantastic job acting as his wife. Asha Sharath, who performs a doctor; Tini Tom, who performs a policewoman, Nandu, who performs a detective; and Kaniha, who performs a driver, have all displayed excellent acting in their respective parts.

Technical and Directional Side

Everyone familiar with Joshiy's filmmaking technique is aware of his preferences for using emotion to appeal to a family audience in particular. Joshiy and his team, which includes the movie's cinematographer Ajay David Kachappilly, are responsible for the thriller's contemporary feel. Joshiy has maintained the investigation's suspenseful to the end with several narrative twists. The movie's first half, which is exciting and gorgeous, moves quickly, but the second half moves due to too much melodrama and other issues. The primary selling feature of Paappan is RJ Shaan's writing.

The main character Paapan's history and current storylines are skillfully inserted into the inquiry and its supporting subplots by the script's creator. Although some plot twists that continually pop up every ten minutes might be unpleasant, they also help the story go unexpectedly and end satisfactorily. The movie is about three hours long.


When a murderer recently released from jail was suspected of being a serial killer because of similarities between the murderer's mode of operation and that of Abraham Mathan Mathew, a former circle inspector, the police chief utilized him as an expert. However, the prior emotional and professional cases significantly impacted Abraham's life.

He finds himself revisiting memories and attempting that combines their poor relationship now that his daughter is separated and police detective Vincy is in charge of the inquiry. As the number of victims grows, Abraham and Vincy must work together to identify the serial killer and assailant.


Paappan Review

Pathram, directed by seasoned director Joshiy, was released in 1999 and stood out from other thrillers because the tale accommodated both Manju Warrier and Suresh Gopi as the movie's main characters. The director, responsible for some of the biggest blockbusters in the Malayalam cinema industry, has once again shown with Paapan that what distinguishes him from his contemporaries is how he keeps updated, not just with the techniques of narrative and technical components. In Paappan, played by superstar Suresh Gopi, Neeta Pillai almost has the same effect as the movie's title character.

The movie is a crime thriller that offers an "insight" into the persons investigating and focuses on the investigation, which is full of twists. The screenplay author skillfully weaves the many tales from the protagonist Paapan's history and presents the inquiry and its supporting subplots.

Shaan ensures we also witness the offenders' points of view, giving the film's narrative, which centers on the dividing line between good and wrong an unexpected depth. The first half's music by Jakes Bejoy is loud and rapid, but the second half's speed, in which the characters and plot are given new life, complements the music perfectly.

Suresh Gopi deserves praise for playing a former officer troubled by his past and how he failed his job and family via his deeds. The performer gives a reliable performance, only adding energy to the part when necessary. Additionally, Paappan insisted that its actors work for the screenplay rather than the other way around, significantly impacting how the narrative was presented. Instead of "mass" moments or allusions to previous blockbusters, this film is about a parent and a former police officer (among other characters) seeking forgiveness and resolution.

Additionally, because it's a crime drama rather than a thriller like Anjaam Pathiraa or Ratsasan, remember that the investigation is only one aspect of the story and that the filmmakers do a fantastic job of keeping the viewer guessing. The movie's primary focus is the bond between Abraham and his daughter Vincy. Sadly, this isn't well addressed. This movie may have been one of the more enjoyable crime dramas released recently if the writing had fewer twists and focused more on their connection.

Gokul Suresh, Vijayaraghavan, Asha Sharath, Nyla Usha, Kaniha, Tini Tom, and G Chandunath are all excellent supporting actors who perform their roles brilliantly and provide surprise and shock to the movie.

Rating: 4.7 Stars

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