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Padavettu Movie Review

Padavettu, which translates to "Battle" in English, is a political action-drama thriller film written and directed by Liju Krishna. On October 2, 2022, this Indian movie in Malayalam was screened in theatres. The production companies that teamed together to make the movie were Yoodlee Films and Sunny Wayne Productions. The film tells the story of a group of people harassed or subjected to harsh treatment in northern Kerala. Nivin Pauly, Aditi Balan, and Shammi Thilakan are among the lead actors in the movie.

Padavettu Movie Review

Plot of the Movie

Padavettu is a story of a village named Maloor, situated in Kannur, Kerala. Agriculture is the primary source of income for those residing in this village. The film opens with the introduction of Ravi, an unemployed man who spends all his time playing cricket with children and sitting still in his small home. He lives with his aunt, Pushpa. Ravi used to be an athlete and a sports biker, but an accident turned his world upside down. His leg gets fractured in the accident. There is also a backstory displayed in the movie, which states the reason for Ravi being so lazy and slow, and not doing anything meaningful in his life.

When Ravi and Pushpa ask the Panchayat to renovate the house, their requests are always turned down. Kuyyali, a political figure, learns about it and uses his resources to repair Ravi's home. Kuyyali advertises his political party for the coming elections using Ravi's home without his knowledge. He also intends to acquire control over all the land owned by farmers. After some time, another incident fundamentally alters Ravi's life again. A wild boar in the field kills his neighbor. Ravi decides to stop being an inactive person and begins farming. After engaging in a battle with the political leader and winning the same, Ravi declares that the farmers are the rightful owners of the farmland.

Movie Review

The word "Padavettu" in the title refers to the fight for human rights, dignity, and an end to this nation's corrupt sociopolitical system. The director and author of the movie demonstrate how anything is achievable if you have an intense desire to succeed by means of Ravi's life. Two scenes illustrate the idea that everything is possible. One is that Ravi's broken leg is still a significant issue, even though he is able to accomplish all of his chores without any help. He is also upset with the world around him and other people for making fun of him. The second is the farmers' total helplessness and complaints as a result of the drought, heavy rain, and animal damage. However, they carry on farming and rely on it for their livelihood. The writer and director expertly integrated all the strands and carefully created each scene, with the exception of the occasionally extended feeling. The final product, the film, has a compelling screenplay.

The movie has a solid first half, but when it enters its second half, among other things, it suffers from confusing metaphors. It is unsettling to see the hunter having fun in the background while Kuyyali preys on Maloor's vulnerable victims in the foreground.

Nivin Pauly puts on an energetic performance. Witnessing his body language change to show his dedication to fighting the political system is impressive. His body language is suitable for a young man who is lazy but frustrated. Despite criticism on social media, Nivin's weight fits the role well. In the first scene of the film, Nivin is simply on fire with anger and hatred. However, in a symbolic gesture during the second half, Nivin roars when the jungle gets filled with wild boars. He gets out of his inactive state and confronts the political party in the fight.

Compared to some of the other actors, Aditi Balan, who plays Nivin's love interest, has little to do as she has a minor role. The evolution of Shyama's and Ravi's relationship is appreciated. Without drawing attention away from the main character, the supporting characters played by Shine Tom Chacko, Indrans, and Vijayaraghavan effectively showcase their acting skills.

Shammi Thilakan, an attractive politician, is making a comeback with this film. The music of Govind Vasantha, traditional songs, intense revolutionary lyrics, and background music improves the scenes. The highlight of the film is a nighttime scene in which Nivin and Shine chase a wild boar. Deepak Menon's camera beautifully captures the beautiful scenery of the small town.

The amount of time the movie spent defining Ravi's personality made the movie too lengthy. Overall, it's an excellent movie and definitely worth watching over the weekend.

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