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Pakka Commercial Movie Review


'Pakka Commercial' is, as the name implies, a crime action-comedy movie. It begins as a very self-aware comedy that walks a fine line between taking on a slightly serious subject and constantly returning to the comic tone. The plot revolves mainly around the lives of two characters: Lucky, a malicious lawyer, and his father, Justice Suryanarayana, and their own way of dealing with problems of giving justice to people. Vivek (Rao Ramesh), a businessman, asks Lucky to handle his legal case. Vivek was the person for whom Suryanarayana had to leave the law profession. Will this Commercial lawyer (Lucky) take on Vivek's case or punish him for causing his father's suffering? The answer is in the story itself.

Cast and Crew

The movie stars Gopichand as Lawyer Lucky, Raashi Khanna as Lawyer Jhansi, Sathyaraj as Magistrate Suryanarayana, and Rao Ramesh as Vivek; they are in the lead roles. Apart from this, Varalaxmi Sarathkumar, Chitra Shukla, Anasuya Bharadwaj, and Srinivas Reddy are some of the other supporting actors who also play important roles. The movie has been written, produced, and directed by Bunny Vas and Maruthi Dasari. Jakes Bejoy composed the soundtrack, Karm Chawla handled the cinematography, S. B. Uddhav did the editing, and Raveendar handled the production design.


The movie begins with Suryanarayana's wrong judgment in court, for which a girl named, Amulya commits suicide after receiving threats and extortion from a wealthy man Vivek. After this incident, Suryanarayana leaves his job as a judge and works hard at his shop to support his family. Years later, Lucky, Suryanarayana's son, becomes a lawyer who is exactly contrary to his father's values. After someday Lucky meets a girl named Jhansi, an actress who plays the role of a lawyer. But her role has been killed off by the production to save money; she then asks Lucky for help so that she can file a lawsuit against the studio. Even though their case is lost, Lucky becomes intrigued by Jhansi's legal expertise and information, and the two end up falling in love.

Pakka Commercial Movie Review

Lucky stands by a gangster accused of murdering a lawyer despite overwhelming evidence against him, while Suryanarayana assists a couple in filing a case against a dishonest businessman and politician who actually is Vivek. When Suryanarayana recommends the case to Lucky, he meets Vivek instead and decides to collaborate with him in exchange for heavy incentives. Additionally, Vivek abducts the husband, who reveals his corruption. Jhansi, who has grown closer to the family, unexpectedly enters the courtroom at the second hearing, compelling Lucky to honestly argue and resulting in a guilty decision for the gangster. When Vivek gets there, all the truths are revealed, and Suryanarayana is humiliated by Lucky's conduct, so he chooses to stand up for the couple himself.

Pakka Commercial Movie Review

After witnessing Suryanarayana's passion for justice, Jhansi resolves to join him. They are investigating the case, dividing the house into Lucky's Commercial and Suryanarayana's and Jhansi's Non-Commercial parts. Lucky adopts different strategies to harm Suryanarayana and Jhansi and disparages the couple's names.

When Vivek is set to take his oath as M.L.A., news breaks that the body of the person whom Vivek had kidnapped earlier has been discovered at his farmhouse. Saira Banu is revealed to be the wife of the dead person. Vivek kidnaps Suryanarayana as retribution and requests that Lucky pay for his bail. Instead, Lucky protects Suryanarayana from Vivek's men and confesses that he had planned everything from the beginning to get revenge on Vivek because he had witnessed Suryanarayana's hardships as a child because of his resignation. Lucky himself had kept the dead body in the farmhouse and also hired Saira Banu to entice and divert Vivek from his goal. After all this, Vivek goes insane and asks the judge to sentence him to death.

Pakka Commercial Movie Review


The movie is a commercial effort that is regular and predictable. The primary actor is just concerned with money and commercials, yet he abruptly alters his acts, which does not appeal to the public. Maruthi's expertise is entertainment, and he worked hard to incorporate humor into each scene. Rashi Khanna's performance as Jhansi is fun, and she portrays a serial artist. She joins Lucky's team as an assistant after having a bad experience in court. Some of the episodes are very long and dull. Jhansi's character is overwritten, which also sometimes annoys the audience. Maruthi makes too much use of artistic liberty in his films. For the most part, the entertainment is excessive. 'Pakka Commercial' has a weak script and tedious narrative. After Sathyaraj returned as a lawyer, Maruthi failed to balance the responsibilities of Gopichand and Sathyaraj.

The movie's opening scene creates hope that there might be something interesting, but it basically revolves around the same argument, a couple of laughs, and a punch dialogue. The plot moves along without rhyme or rhythm, leaving you to question if there was ever an effective storyline.

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