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Palthu Janwar Reviews

"Palthu Janwar" is a movie directed by "Sangeeth P. Rajan." This movie was released on the date of 2nd September 2022, and the original language of this movie was Malayalam. As each character is shown with humor, it also tells or says for the people forced to take up positions they are not keen on, the people battling with the access use of liquors, and follow the system blindly.

  • This movie's three producers are "Dileesh Pothan, Syam Pushkaran, and Fahadh Faasil."
  • The writers of the story of this movie are Aneesh Anjali and Vinoy Thomas.
  • The music director of this movie is Justin Varghese.
  • The genre of this movie is Comedy and Drama.
Palthu Janwar Reviews

Cast Members

The movie has six main cast members: Johny Antony, Indrans, Shammy Thilakan, Basil Joseph, and Vijayakumar. Believe it or not, some animals (like Cow, Cubs, She Goat, etc.) are also part of this movie.


A boy named Prasoon just joined his job in a small town; he becomes a dedicated animal caretaker for domestic animals and provides veterinary consideration to the animals of that town. Along this journey, the main protagonist (Prasoon) establishes a connection with the local community of people and starts to get affected by those domestic animals, thus becoming a beloved figure and role model in that town. This film combines full-on drama, humor, and exciting conversation among the cast of characters. This Indian-Malayalam film is in Malayalam with English subtitles.


In discussion with his classmate, Stephy (actress Sruthy Suresh plays this role), by whom the protagonist of the story "Prasoon" (whose role was done by actor Basil Joseph), gets encouraged to the course and follows his passion but defenseless Prasoon says to his friend that "he has a good adaptive capacity, he will, some way or another, survive anywhere in this world."

At the start of the movie, Prasoon is an inventive animator, he tries many attempts at entrepreneurship in the field of animation, but his family forces him to join as a domesticated animal monitor in a hospital after the death of his father. This movie opens with him, a youthful person, on his way to leaving his home in a city and going to a village with his brother-in-law to start his new job. He is disappointed and discouraged by the current change in his day-to-day life; however, he tries his best to adapt to this sudden change.

On just his first day at that Veterinary hospital, his experience was relatively not what he was expecting; he was asked to give medicines to an animal, on top that there was no senior doctor at the hospital at that time, so he completed this task with the help of Stephy on the phone call. As the film goes on, he meets with many villagers and their pets with different characteristics. At difficult times, he often thinks of leaving his job as he had difficulties changing to the circumstances.

The writer "Sangeeth P. Rajan," intends to include anything in this movie because he is known for exploring and showing the bonds between people and their domestic animals or pets. The writers of the movie "Palthu Janwar" tried to show this movie as a slice of life; this movie has a genuine explanation of those who are working with animals from the movies that have prior addressed the veterinary profession, while every character is layered in humor, this movie likewise shows the story of those persons who are forced do those works or jobs which they do not want to do, the individuals who are battling with liquor misuse, and still believes in the blind belief system.

The cinematography of this movie is done by "Renadive," and he has done a good, and in addition to that, the coloring added by Ranesh CP enhances the beauty of the movie. One of the most notable aspects of the film is its beautiful song, written by the talented Suhail Koya and composed by the gifted Justin Varghese. This song adds significant emotional depth to the already deep storyline of the movie. The background music and design of the film are also notable, as they contribute to the overall immersive experience of the viewers.

The main highlight of the movie is the acting done by all the cast members in this movie; all the members, Jaya Kurup, Siby Thomas, Indran, Shammy Thilakan, and Johny Antony, helped Basil Joseph to make his role Prasoon a success. The role of Stephy (played by Sruthy Suresh) is a much-needed refresher that the big screen could utilize. It would have been more fascinating if the script could have dug up more about the characters performed by Siby Thomas and Shammy Thilakan and about the fellowship between people and animals shown in the movie from the point of view of the owners of these domestic animals.

The film "Palthu Janwar" portrays the unique bond between humans and animals, which sets this movie apart from other Malayalam movies such as Gajakesariyogam, CID Moosa, Samanam, and Ringmaster. The film's main theme is valuing every life, i.e., "each life is valuable," making it a heart-warming and thought-provoking experience for audiences. Furthermore, the performance of the lead actor, who was shown as a strong and independent character, is sure to cast a spell on viewers and impress them, making it a different film for the people of Kerala. As such, it is no surprise that "Palthu Janwar" is widely considered the most memorable Onam performer of 2022 in Malayalam cinema.


"Palthu Janwar" is a Malayalam film that explores the life of Prasoon, a disillusioned illustrator turned livestock inspector; it also emphasizes the relationship between humans and domestic animals while addressing various social issues. The storyline of this movie is quite good and rather interesting. The film's performances, cinematography, music, and sound design are praised, making it a memorable cinematic experience. If one is thinking about a decent movie that one can watch and enjoy with his family this weekend, one can consider this movie to watch. We also get to learn some of the basic lessons of life from this movie.

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