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Parinayam 2021 Movie Review

The Telugu film Parinayam, which debuted on the OTT service AHA, has generated interest among viewers. The Malayalam film Varane Avashyamund, which came out in 2021, is dubbed into this one.

Parinayam 2021 Movie Review

Kalyani Priyadarsh an, Suresh Gopi, Shobhana, and Dulquer Salmaan play the main characters in the movie. Alphons Joseph composed the soundtrack, while Mukesh Muraleedharan captured the scenes. Anoop Sathyan, who also wrote and directed the movie, has received a lot of praise.

Parinayam's script is fascinating for viewers of all ages, and it beautifully captures the feelings of romance, relationships, and families. Anyone who enjoys emotional themes and genuine portrayals of everyday life will find the film a delight. Parinayam is based on Rajiv Menon's 2000 film "Kandukondain Kandukondain," adapted into the Malayalam film Varane Avashyamund.

The overall atmosphere of the 2000 film is incredibly soothing and fulfilling. You could identify with the plot if you're a Malayalee who lives in Chennai. It centers on an average Malayali family's daily life as seen from their perspective in Chennai.


The central characters of Parinayam are a single mother named Neena (Shobhana) and her daughter Nikitha (Kalyani Priyadarshan). Their lives twist whenever Major Unnikrishnan (played by Suresh Gopi) visits their new house, where they become engaged in their daily routines.The character of Fraud, played by Dulquer Salmaan, continually makes fun of Major Unnikrishnan. The narrative also gives glimpses of Fraud's interactions with his coworker.

The movie does a great job of capturing the feelings that come with romance, relationships, and families. Dramatic elements are also included in the storyline in a way that is entertaining and ideal for audience viewing. The movie's storyline is performed in a way that makes it entertaining for viewers of all ages.

Varane Avashyamund, also known as Parinayam, is based on the 2000 Rajiv Menon film "Kandukondain Kandukondain," which tells the same narrative. It centers on the daily activities of a typical Malayali family living in Chennai. Overall, Parinayam's plot is relevant, engaging, and keeps the viewer interested all the way through.

The movie shows how an accidental meeting with a retired major significantly changes a single mother's life and her connection with her daughter. All ages of viewers will find the plot's twists and turns to be thrilling.


Parinayam 2021 Movie Review

Each performer in Parinayam gives a standout performance, and the acting overall is excellent. As the main character Neena, Shobhana perfectly captures the essence of a single mother.

She exhibits a range of emotions, from being weak and reliant to being powerful and independent, which helps the spectator connect with her character. Nikitha, Neena's daughter, is portrayed by Kalyani Priyadarshan, who performs the part. She perfectly catches the essence of her role and has excellent chemistry with her cast mates.

Major Unnikrishnan is portrayed by Suresh Gopi, who is excellent. He exhibits the charisma and sense of authority required for his role. He interacts with other characters naturally, and he delivers dialogue perfectly.

The actor who portrays the role of Fraud, Dulquer Salmaan, also turns up a standout performance. He gives the movie a touch of wit and comedy, which characterizes his role. A particular mention should also be made to the supporting cast. Each actor gives a solid performance that gives the plot dimension.

The soundtrack by Alphons Joseph and the photography by Mukesh Muraleedharan both improve the viewing experience. The acting in Parinayam is excellent overall. The narrative has been brought to life by each performer, who gave it their all. The actors have great chemistry together, making the movie a pleasure. Fans of the genre must watch the movie since the performers' performances improve the whole experience.

Technical sid

A well-made movie, Parinayam differentiates out for its technical qualities, in addition to its engaging plot and great cast. The technical workers did a fantastic job coordinating the movie's visual and audio elements with the plot, giving the viewer a smooth and engaging experience.

Each shot of the movie is a beautiful cinematography work by Mukesh Muraleedharan, capturing the feelings and tone of the situation. The careful use of lighting and frame enhances the film's visual impact. The film's use of color is particularly noteworthy since it helps develop the story by establishing a cozy and welcoming atmosphere. The lyrical music by Alphons Joseph lends dimension to the narrative of Parinayam.

The songs are carefully placed and aid in enhancing the characters' emotions. Impressive background music increases the drama and intensity of the movie. Because of the film's excellent editing, the audience is kept interested the entire time, and with the perfect transitions between scenes, the storytelling is pleasant and straightforward. The sound effects increase the film's overall impact, an essential aspect of the sound design.

The technical components of Parinayam are excellent overall. The picture is visually and musically attractive because of the combined effort of the cinematography, soundtrack, editing, and sound design. The technical staff brought the movie to life, giving viewers a carefully thought-out experience.

Audience Attraction

Parinayam 2021 Movie Review

A broad spectrum of people can enjoy the movie Parinayam. The movie's plot centers around familial ties and romance, making it a relevant and moving experience for viewers of all ages. Families and couples alike will find the film's central themes of love and family fascinating since they are universal ideas that connect with the audience.

The principal performers in Parinayam deliver excellent performances, another necessary pull for viewers. Fans have been waiting a long time to see Suresh Gopi and Shobana together on the big screen; therefore, their combination is a pleasure for them. Kalyani Priyadarshan and Dulquer Salmaan performed admirably in their respective parts, giving the movie's characters deeper meaning.

Another element that increases the film's attractiveness to viewers is its technical qualities. Images, heartfelt music, and intelligent editing create a compelling cinematic experience. The rapidity of the movie is also well-balanced, ensuring that viewers are interested the entire time.

Additionally, the film is now available to a broader audience because of its availability on the well-known OTT platform AHA. Social media users have been discussing the movie and encouraging its emotional depth, sympathetic characters, and technical brilliance.

The movie Parinayam has a wide variety of potential viewers. Anyone searching for a happy and enjoyable cinematic experience must watch the movie because of its emotional depth, sympathetic characters, amazing visuals, and soulful music.


Parinayam is a movie distinguished for its touching plot, excellent acting, and superb technical perfection. The movie is realistic and moving for all ages since it emphasizes connections to family and romance. The portrayals of Suresh Gopi, Shobana, Kalyani Priyadarshan, and Dulquer Salmaan give the characters in the movie depth and make an impression on the audience.

The technical elements of the movie, such as the breathtaking sights, the evocative soundtrack, and the precise editing, produce a cinematic experience that is difficult to forget. The rapidity of the movie is also well-balanced, ensuring viewers are interested the entire time.

For everyone seeking an emotional and enjoyable film experience, Parinayam is a must-see. A remarkable movie of 2021, the movie has realistic characters, emotional depth, and great technical perfection.

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