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Paurashpur Review


'Paurashpur' was launched on Alt Balaji and G5. The series' plot is outdated, but is the series is good for pastime. An attempt has been made to depict the awful atrocities committed against women at Paurashpur.

Men used to abuse women so severely that ladies were forced to wear Chastity belts with a lock on their private parts in the absence of husbands and those who didn't follow this were punished. Moreover husbands used to carry the key with them when they used to go. Apart from this, there have been attempts to show many things without head and feet.

Paurashpur Review

About Cast

When it comes to the series' cast, a star is given because the cast is great regardless of what occurs in the tale. Shilpa Shinde has performed an entirely different part from her previous ones, and she looks great in it. Shilpa appears in this series with a bold avatar. Shilpa's flaws are visible when she speaks extended conversations, but she is better than previously. Annu Kapoor appeared as the head of the Kingdom and served this avatar for the first time. He has been portrayed an oppressive ruler driven by lust. Milind Soman appears in the series as a eunuch. The rest have likewise done their characters with good efforts.

Review Table

Webseries Paurashpur
Cast Annu Kapoor, Milind Soman, Shilpa Shinde, Flora Saini, Anant Joshi, Poulomi Das, Shaheer Sheikh, Sahil Salathia and others
Director Sachindra Vats
Star Rating 2.5/5

Story Of This Movie

The narrative of Paurashpur opens with a sensual scene in which a woman engaged in physical interactions with a man, and then ladies dressed in red arrive and take the lady to Paurashpur, where she is sacrificed by a relative. This was an obligation for women in the kingdom of Paurashpur; males might marry as many times as they chose.

King Bhadra Pratap Singh (Annu Kapoor) rules the kingdom of Paurashpur. Bhadra Pratap Singh enacted such laws in a state where women have no rights and are treated as a commodity. These laws are so restricted that if a woman violates them, she is sentenced to death by a member of her own family.

In this status, women are treated like slaves, with the private portion sealed upon the death of the husband, in connection to any other man, or in the absence of the spouse. Bhadra Pratap Singh is an insane king with physical addiction whose first queen, Maharani Meeravati (Shilpa Shinde), arranges for fresh queens to satisfy his lust.

However, none of the king's new queens remain in the palace. For the previous few years, Bhadra's queen went missing after the honeymoon, prompting him to insist on a new marriage. Nobody bothers to look for the lost queens. Meeravati is tasked with finding a new queen.

Meeravati then devises a scheme to deceive the king into marrying her son's fiancée. This time, not only the queen of the palace, but also Meeravati and King Bhadra's son, went missing while on their honeymoon. The plot takes a new turn from here, and many secrets are disclosed.

Boris (Milind Soman), the kingdom's eunuch, is the only individual whose presence worries the king. The narrative of 'Paurashpur' is about plots in the king's realm and the Raj Mahal.

Review of this Series

Baljit Singh Chadha created Paurashpur and serves as its creative director. He authored the script alongside Ranveer Pratap Singh and Rajesh Tripathi. If he had paid attention to the plot as well as producing sensual sequences, the series could hit the desires of viewers. But the ultimate objective of presenting a good narrative was absolutely in vain.

Already said regarding the series, a wasteful plot has been projected in front of the viewers with dramatic sequences. Looking over the entire series, it appears that the only other relationship between men and women in the world is a sexual relationship. Every character in the series has only one need: Lust/ Sexual Desire

Nothing happens in Paurashpur but crimes against Kelav women. Such a worthless ruler controls the empire, one who is filled with lust. The narrative of Paurashpur was written by an intern who may have recently started college. Everything the author wishes to convey is senseless.

Anu Kapoor's skill/ expertise was underutilized at Paurashpur. He plays a dissatisfied, lusty, weak, and unethical ruler, yet he does not have a single memorable moment or phrase. Shilpa Shinde had the same thing. She resembles a king's maid rather than a queen. In Paurashpur, several epithets have been added to King Bhadra Pratap's sexuality. Dancing master Bhanu, who has sexual connections with kings and queens are also seen here. None of these blooms have a narrative. They cannot become a part of Paurashpur's life, nor can they publicly oppose it. Even the conspiracies of the palace are not expressed here properly.

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