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Payoneer Fees and Timing

It takes two days for the transfer from Upwork to Payoneer to be cleared. Payoneer has an instant loading option available for any additional fee of $2.50. You can set the option in your Payoneer account settings easily.

Payoneer availability features and fees are varied from country to country. If you have applied for the Mastercard recently, it may take up to 25 business days to receive the Payoneer Debit MasterCard. You can contact Payoneer to expedite the process at no extra charge.


Payoneer will include additional costs to a small Upwork fee per transfer fee.

Possible payer fees include activation, monthly maintenance, and ATM usage. Please visit the Payoneer account to view the information regarding price and other terms and conditions for your Payoneer card. Payoneer can set the minimum and the maximum transfer amount. Again, please refer to Payoneer for details.


  • If you used your own registered and verified Payoneer account, it would be best.
  • Payoneer is not available as a payment method to freelancers in S. and India.
  • New Payoneer debit card registration is not available in Russia. However, users with an existing Payoneer debit card can add the card to Upwork.
  • Check Upwork's pre-transfer fees to add Payoneer as a payment method. Then, click on Add Payment Method button to see all your options and pricing.

Standard Fee:

USD 3 flat fees for each transfer from AT Credits to your Payoneer account.


The teacher withdraws an amount of USD 100 in AT credit to a Payoneer account.

Payoneer charges a flat fee of 3 USD for each transfer, and the teacher will receive 97 USD once the Payoneer fee is applied.

Additional Fee:

There are three different situations when it comes to charges once the payment is received in your Payoneer account:

  • USD Transfer (ACH) to the United States
  • Local Bank Transfers
  • SWIFT (Wire) Bank Transfer

To transfer USD to the United States (ACH):

  • 5 USD flat fee
  • No exchange fee
  • Getting currency in USD
  • Example: A teacher withdraws AT credit in USD to a bank account in the United States.
  • Withdrawal amount: USD 100 in AT credit
  • Payer Fee: 50 USD
  • Teacher receives: 50 USD

Local Bank Transfers:

A recipient wishes to receive a bank transfer in his local currency to his/her local bank account. The transfer fee is 3 USD. A currency exchange fee of approximately 2% of the amount (depending on the currency).

Example: A teacher with a Japanese bank account wants to receive money in JPY.

  • Withdrawal amount: USD 100 in AT credit
  • Payer Fee: 3 USD
  • Payoneer currency exchange fee: 2%
  • Teacher receives: [100 - (100-3)*2%] - 3 = 95.06 USD

SWIFT (Wire) Bank Transfer:

If a recipient wishes to receive a bank transfer in USD currency to their local bank account, the transfer fee is USD 15. Additional intermediary bank fees or loading charges may apply.

  • Example 1: Teachers with bank accounts in Taiwan must request payment in USD because local currency transfer via Payoneer is unavailable in Taiwan.
  • Example 2: Teachers in Japan cannot receive payment in US dollars but only JPY because there is a local currency route.

Withdraw amount: USD 100 in AT Credits

Payoneer fee: $15

Payoneer currency exchange fee: none

The teacher receives $85 and intermediary fees or loading fees applied by other banks.

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