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PDFBox Features

PDFBox Features

A list of all PDFBox features:

  • Create PDF
  • Fill forms
  • Extract Text and Images
  • Print
  • Split and Merge
  • Save as Image
  • Signing
  • FilePreflight
  • Memory Usage

1. Create PDF

Using PDFBox, we can create a new pdf document by creating Java programs. This document can also include images, animation and required fonts.

2. Fill Forms

Using PDFBox, we can also create and fill form data and write a text into it.

3. Extract Text and Images

Using PDFBox, we can extract text line by line and word from the PDF documents. We can also extract images, find a size of the image and get the position of the image in PDF document.

4. Print

Using PDFBox, we can print the PDF document by using the Java Printing API.

5. Split and Merge

Using PDFBox, we can split a single PDF file into multiple files and merge them back by using the Java programming.

6. Save as Image

Using PDFBox, we can save the PDF file as image files like in JPEG or PNG form.

7. Signing

Using PDFBox, we can add a digital signature to the PDF document.

8. FilePreflight

Using PDFBox, we can validate PDF file against PDF/A-1b standard.

9. Memory Usage

It reduces the memory/resources footprints, including fine-grained control of memory usage.

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