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Perl Installation

Step 1

Check whether perl is already installed or not on your system. In most of the cases, it is already installed in your system.

In the CLI, pass the following command

Perl Installation 1

If perl is installed in your system, you?ll get the message as shown in the snapshot. If not, then install as shown in the following steps.

Step 2

Go to the following site of perl,

Step 3

Click on download icon on top right.

Perl Installation 2

Step 4

Choose your operating system.

Perl Installation 3

Step 5

Choose the version which you want to install.

Perl Installation 4

Step 6

You have downloaded perl in your system. Now you need to install it.

Step 7

Follow the instructions and install perl on your system.

Perl Installation 5

Step 8

It shows the location where your perl is getting installed. You can change it if you want.

Perl Installation 6

Step 9

After installation, again run first command to check whether perl is installed or not. You'll see the same image as shown in step 1.

Step 10

Install perl modules by running following command.

Perl Installation 7

Step 11

Open the perl application in your system.

Perl Installation 8

Step 12

You have successfully installed perl in your system. You are ready to build your applications on the perl.

Perl Installation 9
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