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Persistent Meaning

Persistent is basically used to describe something that lasts for a long time. Still, this word may be used in many other ways or means as it is one of the most important parts of our lives. So in this topic, we are trying to give some examples to understand the meanings of persistent, which may help you in understanding the topic, so let's dive in.

Persistent Meaning

Meaning of word Persistent in different situations with examples;

1) Persistent is defined as something which continues or exists for a long time (mostly used for undesirable states).

For Example,

  • I am suffering from high persistent cold.
  • She resigned because of her high persistent rumor of the affair with his elegant boss.
  • The persistence of pollution was the issue behind the delay in the rain.
  • The male-oriented world is the persistent issue behind the bad condition of females in this country.
  • He was a perfect salesman because of his persistent nature.
  • He can be persistent when he wants something.

2) When someone is persistent, they keep trying to do something even if it is hard or complicated, and people do not favor it.

For Example,

  • He was a persistent critic of the magazine articles, which is why the CEO was offended.
  • In the starting, NASA faced 20 failures in its 28 attempts while sending the rocket into space, but in the end, it succeeds.
  • She is persistent in working on the position at the job.
  • Except for Harry, all the other students were offended by Mr. Brown's persistent rude nature, but when the principal asked, only Christ was the one who gave his statement against Mr. Brown.
  • The highest majority of Hindus have a persistent belief in Brahmans as the superior.

3) Keep going, rather than vanishing in the early stage.

For Example,

  • The joint pain was persistent in his dad; that's why he can't move fast.
  • Sometimes you may fail, but after a while, you can achieve anything you want with persistent hard work.
  • The pain of failure persisted in his child's heart, and no one was aware of it.

4) In chemical terms, persistent is used when something remains in the environment for an extended time after the beginning.

For Example,

  • The persistent level of chemicals situated in the environment is the main reason behind the pollution.
  • The carbon dioxide is persistent in the environment but is harmful if exceeds.

5) In Biology, persistence is used to define things that remain forever instead of falling.

For Example,

  • The "epitheca" observed over in this matter is the persistent frontal membrane.
  • The persistent reason behind the heart attack is the uneven blood pressure which is mostly caused due to stress.
  • Persistent important levels of bilirubin in the body can put the child at danger of neurotoxicity or bilirubin-induced neurologic dysfunction (BIND)
  • The leaves are persistent parts of a plant.

Words used with persistence

There are many words used with the help or with persistence; a few of them are given below-

  • Persistent offender - a person who carries on doing crime even after getting caught or punished.
    For Example,
    • He was a persistent offender, everyone knew, but no one could take action against him because of his political support.
    • In the mall, everyone was busy shopping, but suddenly someone realized that at the café, a persistent offender was sitting to execute a big blast in the mall.
  • Persistently - It is an adverb for persistent, which means continuously.
    For Example,
    • The rain is persistently happening.

Synonyms and antonyms for persistence

Synonyms of persistence

There may be several synonyms, a few of them are given below-

  1. Dogged
  2. Patient
  3. Insistent
  4. Tenacious
  5. Pertinacious

Antonyms of persistence

There may be a number of antonyms, a few of them are given below-

  1. quitting,
  2. surrendering,
  3. yielding
  4. faltering,
  5. hesitant,
  6. hesitating,
  7. irresolute,
  8. vacillating,
  9. wavering
  10. disloyal,
  11. faithless,
  12. false,
  13. fickle


The word persistent is so commonly used in our daily lives and mostly used to define "something which is continuous or keep going for a long time". It is mostly used in positive ways and defines when someone achieves something that is hard or so difficult but still with nonstop tries they achieve it, but as English doesn't have any end, there must be other uses too.

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