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Personification Definition


Hello, David. Which type of structure is represented here?

Hii, Jackson; this is a statue of a tree and a man.

Personification Definition

This is the conversation between two friends; when they visit the green park, they find a statue different from the old connotation. This statue is a combination of a Man and a tree. Have you ever thought that numerous statues in the world have similar structures? The world is very large and consists of numerous natural features and people. We witnessed different natural features like mountains, rivers, forests, etc. We find different types of trees and several other living organisms in forests.

From Older times, we know that many people are involved in creating pictures, graphics, and statues. In every period of history, we find different types of figures that depict the examples or lifestyles of that period. When we look outside, we find a statue of Great Liberty, which represents the basis of freedom from any exploitation. Not only the statues of Liberty but numerous other statues are also developed throughout the world, which does some revelation. Have you ever thought about the concept behind this representation? In this article, we will discuss the concept behind the development of such a statue and its combination with nature.

What is Personification?

The best way to describe Personification is to understand the logic behind the development of figures. When a thing or a person is represented as an abstraction known as Personification. In arts and culture, several things are personified to represent abstraction. The representation includes various things like types of places, most important cities, countries, and continents; it is also used to represent elements of the natural world such as months in the year, types of seasons, cardinal winds, etc. The representation in Personification is not limited to only such things but also involves:

  • Five senses.
  • Abstractions of virtues.
  • Especially the four cardinal virtues.
  • Seven deadly sins.
  • The nine Muses.
  • Death.

In ancient polytheistic societies, the deities have a very strong element of Personification. People from ancient times started to represent deities as God. For example, in the religion of ancient Greek, this was one of the most striking features of personified deities. Personification lacks several things in the way of narrative myths, but classical myths gave many of them parents majorly amongst the Olympian deities. The most striking feature of Personification is that it maintains remarkable continuity from late antiquity until the 18th century.

The Personification of females is higher in numbers than male ones. But in modern times, the Personification of the male is larger than females because of the patriarchal nature of society. In the allegory, it is one of the most common elements, creating confusion between historians and theorists. During a discussion on Personification, they need clarification with allegory because the whole discussion is dominated by allegory. Single images of personifications tend to be titled as an "allegory", arguably incorrectly.

By the end of the 20th century, the personification representation was largely out of fashion. But in the 21st century, the semi-personification figure dominates the popular cinema in numerous superhero films and Cartoons.

Innovation in Personification:

The classical representation of Personification in terms of virtues, seasons, and cities continued till the 19th century, but with time new Personification was required. Remembering this, we saw the new Personification that emerged in the Americas. This Personification made the four continents in a new set because four figures are best suited than the three figures. And the discovery of Australia was not added to the continent designed by Albert Memorial only because they wanted to maintain geometry.

Discovery and innovation are one of the most important things in Personification. Personification helps people to understand their culture thoroughly. Sometimes personified figures give a sense of oneness because the figure does not belong to a single person but to the entire community. For example, the depiction of ancient gods in Personification gives strength and hope to all the community's people. Nature, deities, also human figures all are used in Personification. The greatest example of Personification is the figure of Greek gods.

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