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What is the full form of PGDCA

PGDCA: Post Graduate Diploma in Computer Application

PGDCA stands for Post Graduate Diploma in Computer Application. It is a one-year post graduate diploma in the field of computer science. The course is usually divided into two semesters, each of six months duration. It is offered by various UGC recognized universities and colleges in India.

PGDCA full form

The course covers the basics of computer science. It comprises programming languages like Java, C++ and packages like Tally, Oracle-VB, web designing, system analysis, data processing, Ms-Dos and Windows OS etc.

A graduate in any field of study is eligible for this course. The aim of this course is to provide specialized training in the field of computer science and develop technical, professional and communication skills in the students. After completing the course, the students can get employment in IT companies, banking sector, health industry, entertainment sector, etc.

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