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pH Definition

pH is the calculation of the chemical substances' acidic, basic, and neutral nature or their aqueous solutions. Various types of instruments are available in the market or we can say different types of instruments are used in the chemical labs, such as pH strips, pH paper, pH meters, and many more.

pH Definition

The pH scale is a special type of scale that is used to determine the acidity, alkalinity, and neutral behavior of the chemicals in a liquid state; in the acidic solutions, there is a high concentration of hydronium ion concentration, and in the basic substances the concentration of OH negative ions is comparatively much higher than acidic substances and the neutral substances they have an equal proportion of Hydronium ion and OH negative ions.

In a pH scale, the value on the scale is written in ascending order reaching zero to fourteen; if the number comes between zero to seven, then the given chemical solution is acidic; the lesser the number, the more acidic the substance.

If the number comes between seven and fourteen, the given chemical solution is alkaline; the greater the number, the more basic the substance.

The special case arises in the pH scale when it comes out to seven; in this case, the chemical solution is declared neutral, water has a pH of exactly seven, and if the pH of the water is less than seven, then that state of water is chemically acidic. If its pH is more than seven, then that state of water is basic.

Calculation of pH of Substance by Using Pen Testers

Pen testers are a special type of instrument used to check the pH level of an aqueous solution, it is a pocket-sized gadget that is easy to carry, and its maintenance cost is even very low; the gadget comes with the inbuilt electrode display and a pH meter that makes it an exceptionally good product. Pen Testers are widely used in service-based companies such as restaurants and swimming pools; they use them to check the pH value of water because up to a certain level, pH is not harmful to Human skin and is used for the maintenance of spa industries.

Calculation of pH of Substance Using Handheld Testers

Handheld testers are also used to check the pH of the substance, but compared to Pen Testers, Handheld Testers are not pocket-sized, and neither they possess any comparative feature like Pen Testers; they have separate electrodes; we can also separate them depending upon the substance. This is usually used by government personnel such as Agricultural officers and research and development teams of aquaculture, environment, and water treatment.

Calculation of pH of Substance Using Bench Top pH Meter

A benchtop pH meter is a special type of pH meter mainly used by expert scientists, pathological labs, researchers, environmentalists, water testing authorities, and many more. Its structure is a bit larger than the other pH meter discussed above, but the difference lies in the accuracy point.

Use of pH in Daily Life

1. Importance of pH for the Existence and Growth of Human Beings

According to human anatomy, there is a fixed ratio of pH mandatory for the growth and development of the body both physically and psychologically that is between seven-to-seven point five; due to the decrease in the pH level of rainwater, the aquatic life is getting disturbed, the mutation is being observed in their DNA (Deoxy Ribo Nucleic acid) that is not a good sign and also the national heritage like the "Taj Mahal" is getting pale day by day due to the harmful effects of acid rain.

2. Importance of pH for the Digestion of Food

pH plays a vital role in all aspects of the human body; whenever we eat or consume any food, it has a few essential nutrients like protein, vitamins, calcium, magnesium, and many other nutrients; these are digested under a fixed pH level that is between 1 to 2.9 that is highly acidic and is essential for breaking the complex bonds of various nutrients like protein and many more.

3. Importance of pH in the Soil

For the proper growth of plants and trees, the soil is undoubtedly the major thing needed. The required pH for the growth and development of plants and trees is 6.4 to 7.4.

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