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VOLT: Template Engine

Volt provides Phalcon fast execution as it is very fast and designer friendly templating language written in C for PHP. It has many helpers defined to write views. Volt is inspired by Jinja and written by Armin Ronacher.


Volt views are compiled in php which saves time to write php code manually.

Activating Volt

In this we register Volt in view component having extension .phtml.

Options available in volt

Option Description Default
compiledPath A writable path where the compiled PHP templates will be placed ./
compiledExtension An additional extension appended to the compiled PHP file .php
compiledSeparator Volt replaces the directory separators / and \ by this separator in order to create a single file in the compiled directory %%
Stat Whether Phalcon must check if exists differences between the template file and its compiled path True
compileAlways Tell Volt if the templates must be compiled in each request or only when they change False
Prefix Allows to prepend a prefix to the templates in the compilation path Null
autoescape Enables globally autoescape of HTML False


Object variables may have attributes which can be accessed using the syntax: If you are passing arrays, you have to use the square bracket syntax: foo['bar']


Variables can be formatted or modified using filters. The pipe operator (|) is used to apply filters to variables:

Following is the list of filters that can be used:

Filter Description
abs Applies the abs PHP function to a value.
Capitalize Capitalizes a string by applying the ucwords PHP function to the value
convert_encoding Converts a string from one charset to another
Default Sets a default value in case that the evaluated expression is empty (is not set or evaluates to a falsy value)
escape Applies Phalcon\Escaper->escapeHtml() to the value
escape_attr Applies Phalcon\Escaper->escapeHtmlAttr() to the value
json_encode Converts a value into its JSON representation
json_decode Converts a value from its JSON representation to a PHP representation

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