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Factorial Program

The factorial of a number n is defined by the product of all the digits from 1 to n (including 1 and n).

For example,


  • It is denoted by n! and is calculated only for positive integers.
  • Factorial of 0 is always 1.

The simplest way to find the factorial of a number is by using a loop.

There are two ways to find factorial in PHP:

  • Using loop
  • Using recursive method


  • Take a number.
  • Take the descending positive integers.
  • Multiply them.

Factorial in PHP

Factorial of 4 using for loop is shown below.



PHP Factorial programs 1

Factorial using Form in PHP

Below program shows a form through which you can calculate factorial of any number.



PHP Factorial programs 2

Factorial using Recursion in PHP

Factorial of 6 using recursion method is shown.



PHP Factorial programs 3
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