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PHP string md5() function

PHP string md5() is predefined function. It is used to calculate the MD5 hash of a string. It uses the RSA DATA security. It returns the hash as a 32 character hexadecimal number.

Note: We should not use this function for secure passwords, due to the fast nature of this hashing algorithm.


Parameter Description Required/Optional
String Specify string to be calculated. required
raw Specify hex or binary format
  • TRUE - Raw 16 character binary format
  • FALSE - Default. 32 character hex number

Example 1


Your string is:PHP
By using md5() functon:2fec392304a5c23ac138da22847f9b7c

Example 2


'PHP' string is equall to encrypted string

Example 3


Your string is: PHP
TRUE - Raw 16 character binary format: /9# :8"??|
FALSE - 32 character hex number: 2fec392304a5c23ac138da22847f9b7c

Example 4


Your string is: PHP
By using md5() function: 2fec392304a5c23ac138da22847f9b7c

Note: The encrypted value "8b1a9953c4611296a827abf8c47804d7" is not equal to "PHP" string so Hello PHP message not displayed.

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