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Jamia qadim Pin Code : 193202

Jamia qadim Pin Code is 193202. Pin Code is also known as Zip Code or Postal Code. Jamia qadim is located in Baramulla, JAMMU & KASHMIR, INDIA. The office of 193202 Pin Code is located in Jamia qadim, Sopore taluk, Baramulla division, Srinagar HQ region, Jammukashmir circle of JAMMU & KASHMIR state. The delivery status of 193202 pincode is Non-Delivery. The office type of branch Jamia qadim is Branch Office.

Jamia qadim Baramulla Pin Code

The individual details of Jamia qadim Baramulla pin code are given below:

OfficeJamia qadim
RegionSrinagar HQ
Office TypeBranch Office
Delivery StatusNon-Delivery

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Jamia qadim Near By Pin Codes

The other near by Pin Codes of Jamia qadim Baramulla are given below:

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JAMIA QADIMSopore Baramulla 193202
NOWPORASopore Baramulla 193201
SAGIPORASopore Baramulla 193201
MUNDJISopore Baramulla 193201
PANZALASopore Baramulla 193301
WATERGAMSopore Baramulla 193303
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WATLABSopore Baramulla 193201
CHATOOSASopore Baramulla 193303
DOABGAHSopore Baramulla 193201
HARDUSHIVASopore Baramulla 193201
KRANKSHIVAMSopore Baramulla 193202
TUJARSopore Baramulla 193201
WADOORASopore Baramulla 193201
WARPORASopore Baramulla 193201
ZALOORASopore Baramulla 193201
BEHRAMPORASopore Baramulla 193303
BOTINGOOSopore Baramulla 193201
DOORUSopore Baramulla 193201
HADIPORASopore Baramulla 193301
HAIGAMSopore Baramulla 193202
BULGAMSopore Baramulla 193202
HATHLANGOOSopore Baramulla 193201
CHATLOOSASopore Baramulla 193301
DANGERPORASopore Baramulla 193201
HARDUCHANAMSopore Baramulla 193303
HARWANSopore Baramulla 193201
LADOORASopore Baramulla 193201
MET SOPORESopore Baramulla 193202
NADIHALSopore Baramulla 193301
RENGPETHSopore Baramulla 193303
SEELUSopore Baramulla 193201