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Banthapalli Pin Code : 760002

Banthapalli Pin Code is 760002. Pin Code is also known as Zip Code or Postal Code. Banthapalli is located in Ganjam, ODISHA, INDIA. The office of 760002 Pin Code is located in Banthapalli, Brahmapur Sadar taluk, Berhampur division, Berhampur region, Odisha circle of ODISHA state. The delivery status of 760002 pincode is Delivery. The office type of branch Banthapalli is Branch Office.

Banthapalli Ganjam Pin Code

The individual details of Banthapalli Ganjam pin code are given below:

TalukBrahmapur Sadar
Office TypeBranch Office
Delivery StatusDelivery

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Banthapalli Near By Pin Codes

The other near by Pin Codes of Banthapalli Ganjam are given below:

BERHAMPUR UNIVERSITYBrahmapur Sadar Ganjam 760007
BIJIPURBrahmapur Sadar Ganjam 760001
GANDHINAGAR GANJAMBrahmapur Sadar Ganjam 760001
GODAVARISHANAGARBrahmapur Sadar Ganjam 760001
PARK STREETBrahmapur Sadar Ganjam 760002
PURUNA BERHAMPURBrahmapur Sadar Ganjam 760002
INDUSTRIAL ESTATESBrahmapur Sadar Ganjam 760008
KHALLIKOTE COLLEGEBrahmapur Sadar Ganjam 760001
NABEENBrahmapur Sadar Ganjam 760009
SANKARAPURBrahmapur Sadar Ganjam 760006
BADAKHEMUNDI STREETBrahmapur Sadar Ganjam 760001
BAIDYANATHPURBrahmapur Sadar Ganjam 760004
BANTHAPALLIBrahmapur Sadar Ganjam 760002
BHAPUR BAZARBrahmapur Sadar Ganjam 760001
OLLARIGADABrahmapur Sadar Ganjam 761100
PANIGRAHIPENTHOBrahmapur Sadar Ganjam 760006
ANKULIBrahmapur Sadar Ganjam 760010
BADIOSTABrahmapur Sadar Ganjam 761054
BAHADURPETABrahmapur Sadar Ganjam 760007
CHIKITIPENTHOBrahmapur Sadar Ganjam 761010
DAKHINPURBrahmapur Sadar Ganjam 760002
GATEBAZARBrahmapur Sadar Ganjam 760001
LANJIPALLIBrahmapur Sadar Ganjam 760008
MILITARY LINESBrahmapur Sadar Ganjam 760001
BERHAMPUR RSBrahmapur Sadar Ganjam 760005
BERHAMPURGMBrahmapur Sadar Ganjam 760001
COURTPETABrahmapur Sadar Ganjam 760004
DAYAPALLIBrahmapur Sadar Ganjam 761100
GOILUNDIBrahmapur Sadar Ganjam 760004
GOSANINUAGAMBrahmapur Sadar Ganjam 760003
HILLPATNABrahmapur Sadar Ganjam 760005
SRIRAM NAGARBrahmapur Sadar Ganjam 760002
ENGINEERING SCHOOLBrahmapur Sadar Ganjam 760010
MEDICAL COLLEGE GANJAMBrahmapur Sadar Ganjam 760004
PALASIBrahmapur Sadar Ganjam 761001
PREMNAGAR GANJAMBrahmapur Sadar Ganjam 760002
SATAPAHANDIABrahmapur Sadar Ganjam 761100