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Puhroopeth Pin Code : 193302

Puhroopeth Pin Code is 193302. Pin Code is also known as Zip Code or Postal Code. Puhroopeth is located in Kupwara, JAMMU & KASHMIR, INDIA. The office of 193302 Pin Code is located in Puhroopeth, Handwara taluk, Baramulla division, Srinagar HQ region, Jammukashmir circle of JAMMU & KASHMIR state. The delivery status of 193302 pincode is Delivery. The office type of branch Puhroopeth is Branch Office.

Puhroopeth Kupwara Pin Code

The individual details of Puhroopeth Kupwara pin code are given below:

RegionSrinagar HQ
Office TypeBranch Office
Delivery StatusDelivery

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Puhroopeth Near By Pin Codes

The other near by Pin Codes of Puhroopeth Kupwara are given below:

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HANDWARAHandwara Kupwara 193221
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NATNUSAHandwara Kupwara 193221
YUNIS WAHIPORAHandwara Kupwara 193302
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HARILHandwara Kupwara 193302
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VILLAGAMHandwara Kupwara 193224
BATAGUNDHandwara Kupwara 193302
SHATGUNDHandwara Kupwara 193302
KRALGUNDHandwara Kupwara 193302
TARATHPORAHandwara Kupwara 193224
YAROOHandwara Kupwara 193302
KAKROOSAHandwara Kupwara 193224
WADIPORAHandwara Kupwara 193221
GLOORAHandwara Kupwara 193302
KANDIHandwara Kupwara 193221
SAHIPORAHandwara Kupwara 193302
SATKUJIHandwara Kupwara 193221