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10 Best Places to Visit in Perinthalmanna

Perinthalmanna is a significant city in Malappuram, Kerala, India. Along with the cities of Malappuram, Manjeri, and Tirurangadi, Perinthalmanna served as one of the main hubs of the Malabar Revolt of 1921. It is currently a major business hub in the Malappuram district. Along with being a business hub, it also has good tourist spots. The best tourist places in Perinthalmanna are listed below.

1. Thirumandhamkunnu Temple

Places to Visit in Perinthalmanna

Thirumandhamkunnu shrine is situated in the Angadipuram village and is well-known for the goddess Bhadrakali. It is the most attractive temple near Perinthalmanna. The temple is well-known for mangalya puja (wedding oblation). It is thought that the mangalya puja will eliminate barriers and ensure marital bliss. The temple attracts art enthusiasts with its typical Keralan architecture. The temple organizes a grand celebration for its annual Pooram festival.

2. Kodikuthimala Hills

Places to Visit in Perinthalmanna

The Ooty of Malappuram is another name for Kodikuthimala hills. This hilly region is a popular weekend getaway place in northern Kerala. The main draw in this area is a watchtower, waterfalls, and perpetual springs. The visitor will get astounded by the area's breathtaking splendour as soon as they reach the summit of Kodikuthimala. Climbing Kodikuthimala hills is a difficult task; due to the complex topography of the hill.

3. Jamaat Mosque

Places to Visit in Perinthalmanna

The 280-year-old Jamaat mosque was built in a temple-like style. The mosque stands out among the series of old homes. The mosque has white walls and blue doors. The royal family built this mosque to symbolize their repentance because the royal family seized Muslim property, and later they suffered from a fatal illness.

4. Arya Vaidya Sala

Places to Visit in Perinthalmanna

Arya vaidya sala is one of the oldest ayurvedic medical schools in India. The Arya vaidya sala was established in 1902 by Vaidyaratnam P.S. Warrier. It is renowned for its history and proficiency in the Indian traditional medicine system of ayurveda. The vaidya sala operates an ayurveda research centre, a nursing home, a hospital, an ayurveda college, and a medicinal herb garden. People from all over the world come here for ayurvedic therapy.

5. Nilambur Kovilakam

Places to Visit in Perinthalmanna

Nilambur Kovilakam is a well-known tourist attraction due to its stunning architecture and historical importance. The former rulers of this area lived in Kovilakam. Kovilakom is a wonderful sight with its padippura, teak pillars in the veranda, wooden ceiling, and two inner courtyards. Every year, a six-day music festival called Nilambur pattu utsavam occurs here. A pool room and an open drawing room with pillars are other attractions of Kovilakom.

6. Teak Museum

Places to Visit in Perinthalmanna

The teak museum is a popular attraction near Perinthalmanna. It is in Nilambur. The museum features the teak's history and culture. The museum also comprehensively explains the teak's fruit, blossom, and bark. The museum houses a wide variety of insects, butterflies, and moths that are frequently observed in teak plantations.

7. Kumbham Handicrafts Village

Places to Visit in Perinthalmanna

The Kumbharan village is located in the tranquil area of Aruvacode, close to Nilambur. The magnificent traditional craft is produced in this village. The Kumbham community's residents are well known for their skill in creating traditional handicrafts, particularly pottery and other utensils that are primarily made from clay. The word "Kumbham" means "clay pots". You can buy furniture, wall art, sculptures, tiles, and garden accessories from Kumbharan village.

8. Shopping in Perinthalmanna

Places to Visit in Perinthalmanna

Perinthalmanna is the best location to buy clothing and traditional cream-coloured Kerala sarees. The best places to buy items are Firdous Bazar, Chandam Textiles, Silk Park, and Chamayam. You can visit the DRDA store for handicrafts and souvenirs.

9. Hotels in Perinthalmanna

Places to Visit in Perinthalmanna

In Perinthalmanna, you'll find several affordable and luxurious hotels and resorts. The Presidential Park, Hotel Sabrina, KPM Residence, and in are some of the best hotels in Perinthalmanna.

10. Food in Perinthalmanna

Places to Visit in Perinthalmanna

This place is highly recognized for its diverse menu, which includes several traditional Muslim cuisines from Malabar. Popular dishes include kizhi parotta, kanthari kozhi, chicken mughalai, shredded kozhi, beef coconut fry, pepper chicken, garlic naan, and idi erachi. Non-vegetarian food is widely consumed here.

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