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Plan A Plan B Review

"Plan A Plan B" is a movie released on the 30th of September 2022 on NETFLIX. This movie was written by "Rajat Arora," and the director is "Shashanka Ghosh."

  • This movie's three producers are K.R. Harish, Trilok Malhotra, and Rajat Arora (writer).
  • The music directors of this movie are Yug Bhusal and Bann Chakraborty.
  • The cinematographer of this movie is Jaya Krishna Gummadi.
  • The editor of this movie is Shweta Venkat Matthew.
  • The full duration of this movie is one hour and forty-seven minutes or one hundred and seven minutes (1 Hour 47 Minutes or 107 minutes).
  • The genre of this movie is romance and comedy.
Plan A Plan B Review

Cast Members

This movie mainly has four cast members: Kusha Kapila, Ritesh Deshmukh, Poonam Dhillon, and Tamannaah Bhatia.


Ritesh Deshmukh plays the leading male role in this movie; he plays the role of Mr. Kaustubh Chougule, a family legal counselor and specialist in making arrangements for divorce for couples. On the other hand, the leading female role in this movie is played by Tamannaah Bhatia; she plays the role of Dr. Nirali Vora is a psychologist and specialist in matchmaking. Miss. Nirali recently moved into an office, and the interesting fact is that she moved to the same workplace as Mr. Kaustubh as their profession and opinions are opposite to each other, so they quarrel over small topics, and remaining is the story about how they fall in love with each other.

Explanation of the Story

Focus Points

The acting done by Ritesh Deshmukh in the movie is quite well, especially in the scenes in which he learns that his wife is cheating on him; his performance in that scene is quite good, and his expressions show deep pain inside him. The acting done by Tamannaah Bhatia is also quite impressive; in the role of matchmaker, she did equity to her role, and her performance in this role looked like honest acting; due to this, the wafer-thin plot of the movie gets enhanced. There are some entertaining scenes in the movie; for instance, consider the scene in which Nirali calls Kaustubh when she is drunk; in this scene, we get to see some impressive exchange of dialogue, and the ending gives the audience good vibes. As the duration of this movie is around one hundred and seven minutes, this becomes an advantage to the audience because, in the middle plot scenes of the movie, it becomes boring to watch.


As the storyline is based on comedy and romance and the audience from this generation has nearly gotten bored from watching this type of movie, one can predict precisely what can happen in the next scene; due to this factor, one does not want to watch the movie. The audience may find it difficult to root for the characters of this movie because there is hardly any emotional connection between them. This movie is supposed to be a romantic comedy but failed to fulfill the need of any of this, so in the end, this movie is neither romantic nor comedy. We can not blame the cast members for this because they put a great effort into acting; for instance, the talent of actress Poonam Dhillon was wasted in a small role in this movie. But we can blame the writer of this story, i.e., Rajat Arora, who has also written the famous story for movies like "The Dirty Picture and Kick," we can expect more from him.

This movie was released on an Ott platform, and Ott platforms are known for their innovative and out-of-the-world ideas, but this romantic comedy movie offers nothing new to its viewers. In addition, the movie writing and directing crew did not put extra energy into making this movie more interesting and stand out from other movies.

From a Technical Point of View

As we know, the music directors of this movie are Yug Bhusal and Bann Chakraborty, and they did a very great job; the camera work is also quite good as the restricted sites or places are shown in the movie. The editor of the movie Shweta Venkat Matthew also did great work in editing, which certainly helped this film. But the production values are not good, not bad; one can put this as all right.

The director Shashanka Ghosh made a less than impressive display in recounting the story, combined with some passive and passionless composition. One will not expect such disappointing composition from Rajat Arora, who composed for a few renowned movies like The Dirty Picture and Kick. The composing group portrayed cutting-edge connections fascinatingly to improve things.


Overall, the movie Plan A Plan B is good for audiences who have never watched any romantic comedy movie. Otherwise, this movie is average. Both the leading roles did their best to save the day, but the storyline is unsatisfactory. If one is looking for a movie to watch this weekend, please do not consider this movie.

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