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What is the full form of PO

i) PO: Probationary Officer

PO stands for Probationary Officer. It is an entry level post given to the new recruits in Indian Banks. This post is known as Probationary Officer because the new recruited freshers in this post are served for certain period of probation.

In the period of probation, the trainee has to complete the tasks given by their seniors and have to work in the different areas of bank like opening accounts, cheque processing, foreign exchange, loans, credit rating, treasury etc. In this entire probation period, the bank has an authority to terminate the employee from its service.

Eligibility Criteria

A candidate who wants to apply for Bank PO must be completed his graduation from a recognized university. There is also an age limit for the candidates apply for this entrance exam but there is some caste wise relaxation on the age. For example: OBC candidates get 3 years age relaxation and SC/ST students get 5 years age relaxation.

ii) PO: Post Office

A post office is a part of national postal system. It provides customer service facility like mail related services i.e. letters parcels etc. It also sells postage stamps, packaging and stationary. Many post offices offer additional services like providing and accepting government forms, processing government services and fees and banking services. The chief administrator of a post office is a post master.

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