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What is the Full Form of POK

(i) POK: Pakistan Occupied Kashmir

POK stands for Pakistan-Occupied Kashmir. It is the region of Jammu & Kashmir that Pakistan conquered in 1947. The UN and other global organizations know this area of J&K as "Pakistani-controlled Kashmir" and "Pakistan Administered Kashmir". It is divided into two parts, such as Azad Jammu and Kashmir (AJK) and Gilgit-Baltistan.

POK Full Form

During the partition, J&K had been offered the choice to join between Hindustan and Pakistan territories; however, the monarch at that moment, named Hari Singh, chose to preserve it as a sovereign entity.

Pashtoon tribesmen assaulted India's J&K from Pakistan in 1947. Maharaja Hari Singh requested help from the Indian military leader Mountbatten, India's Lieutenant General at the time, to address the issue. However, Mountbatten asked Hari Singh to first decide whether Jammu and Kashmir would be a part of India or Pakistan or should be ruled independently. Following this, he also suggested taking people's advice and voting on this.

However, the referendum could not take place due to some issues. Nevertheless, Hari Singh signed an agreement to become a part of India, which created a dispute between India and Pakistan.

Following the agreement, the first-ever Sikh regiment of India's military was airlifted to Srinagar in the very first hours of the day. Eventually, the soldiers fought off the Pathan attack and finalized Kashmir's membership in Hindustan. However, some parts of J&K were already gathered by Pakistan.

After the agreement, the Indian part of J&K followed the rules of article 370 till it was declared "inoperative" in 2019. In contrast, the Pakistan-occupied area, called POK' was bifurcated into two regions, named AJK and Gilgit-Baltistan. Despite being so-called independent (Azad), the areas are controlled by Pakistan or dependent on the Pakistani establishment.

While it is well recognized that independent (Azad) Kashmir is governed by Pakistan, the region aspires to have a self-governing legislative assembly. Raja Muhammad Farooq currently serves as the Prime Minister of the region, while Sardar Masood Khan has been the leader of the position until this time.

(ii) POK: Port of Kolkata

POK stands for Port of Kolkata. This is India's sole significant watercourses seaport that is situated in Kolkata (West Bengal), some 200 km from the ocean. It is the port in Kolkata where salinity is constant.

The most important seaport within India for Britishers was Kolkata Dock. There was also a significant need for workers at sugarcane farms throughout the Britisher's rule when bondage was outlawed around 1833.

The partition of Bengal, the shrinking of the area around the port, and the economic slowdown in the eastern part of India all contributed to the declining prominence of the port after independence.

POK Full Form


The present site of such a port was chosen by the Portuguese as the inaugural port of call in the early sixteenth century when the upper classes of Kolkata considered the Hooghly River to be dangerous for boat travel. It's claimed that Job Charnock, the manager as well as the worker of its east India Company, established a trade outpost there around 1690.

The above seaport was utilized to transport thousands of Indians as contract labourers to remote areas of the English territory after abolishing bondage there in 1833.

Kolkata entrepreneurs advocated the construction of a port in 1863 after the population and importance of Kolkata grew. In 1866, the provincial cabinet approved a River Trust Foundation. Still, somehow, it quickly collapsed, and the government authority once again took control of its management.

The need for additional gasoline increased along with the dock's container traffic, which prompted the construction of an oil terminal at Budge. The Garden Range pier was erected in 1925 to handle more freight transport.


Dry Dock

The Kolkata Port Trust has the largest dry dock facility in India. Within those ships at sea, there are additional capabilities for repair and maintenance. The various construction and service requirements of such boats visiting there in Eastern seaports of India are met through these dockyards.


All are in good condition there at the following locations like Akra, Mayapur, Hooghly Point, and Balari, making it easy for vessels navigating, dredging and surveying in the Hooghly River.

KDS Railroads Connection

KDS Railroads were established to meet the communication requirements for the Kolkata port network, nearby factories, and other governmental and non - governmental rail lines. It operates as a port agency for Railways of India and seems to be administratively a part of the Eastern Railway Sealdah Department. KDS Railway assists clients on the eastern Rail system under a serviceable agreement.

The carriages are then placed in the appropriate management stations by KDS Railways, either whole or in instalments, depending on maintenance service levels, following completion of the requisite paperwork and some technical work.

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