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Polymer App Layout

The app-layout elements are comprised of components such as toolbars, drawers, and headers. These are used for building high-quality, responsive layouts just with markup. Some of the elements are listed in the following table.


Index Elements Description
1) app-box This element works as container and has scroll effects, visual effects based on the scroll position.
2) app-drawer This is a navigation drawer which will slide in and out from left or right.
3) app-drawer-layout This will position the app-drawer and other content.
4) app-grid This is used for creating responsive and fluid grid layouts using custom properties.
5) app-header This element works at the top of the screen as a container for app-toolbars and has scroll effects, visual effects based on the scroll position.
6) app-header-layout This element acts as a cover that positions the app-header and other content.
7) app-scrollpos-control This element is used for saving and restoring the scroll position when multiple pages share the same document scroller.
8) app-toolbar It is a horizontal toolbar which contains items that can be used for labeling, navigating, searching and other actions.


Use the following command on command prompt to use app layout elements to move into the project directory.

Applayout 1

It will install the app-layout elements in bower-component folder. Then, you can import the file using <link> tag in your index.htmlfile.


Applayout 2 Applayout 3
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