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Polymer app-route

The app-route element is used to utilize an object, which describe a state about the current route by using route property. It will determine the state using pattern property and determines some data related to the route, and a tail that contains the rest of the route as shown in the following code.


Parameter Explanation

Index Field Description
1) app-location It is an element that provides synchronization between the browser location bar and the state of an app, and produces a route value.
2) pattern The route.path property is matched by comparing it to the pattern property.
3) app-route It sets the data property with an object, whose properties correspond to the parameters in pattern property. It is responsive to bi-directional changes to the data objects they produce.
4) tail It represents the remaining part of the route state, after the pattern has been applied to a matching route.

Hashes vs Paths

The portion of the URL pathname is used by an app-location route with the help of backend server. The app-location can be configured to use the hash part using the following attribute.

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