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Polymer Elements

Polymer elements are a set of visual and non-visual elements designed to work with the layout, user interaction, selection, and scaffolding applications. These include everything from a simple button to a dialog box with neat visual effects. The following table shows different types of polymer elements.


Index Types Description
1) app elements The app elements are useful when building entire applications.
2) iron elements These are the basic building blocks for creating an application.
3) paper elements The paper elements are a set of UI components designed to implement Google's material design guidelines.
4) google web components The Google web component are a stock of web components for Google APIs & services.
5) gold elements The gold elements are built for e-commerce-specific use cases.
6) neon elements It is used for implementing animated transitions for polymer elements using web animations.
7) platinum elements The platinum elements provide features to turn your web page into a true webapp.
8) Molecules Elements The molecule element helps to develop an application easily and is used to connect a group of plugins to the polymer application.

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