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Polymer Gold Phone Input

The Polymer gold-phone-input element is a simple text field, used to specify phone number. It is styled in Material Design.



To validate a phone number, use the pattern XXX-XXXXXXX, where "X" is a digit and "-" is a separator. By default, this specifies a US phone number. To use different number patterns, use the attributes country-code and phone-number-pattern like this:

The validate() method is used to validate phone number manually. It returns true if it is valid otherwise false, if it is not valid. You can use auto-validate and required attributes to make the input to be automatically validated.


Run the following command to install gold-phone-input element in your project directory. After that you can use this element in your application:

gold phone input

It will install all the related elements of polymer_gold-phone-input under the bower_components folder.

Create an index.html file and add the following code in it to see the usage of gold-phone-input element in Polymer.js.


gold phone input 2
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