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Polymer Tools

Polymer provides a lot of tools for developing, building, and optimizing Polymer elements and apps.

Polymer CLI

Polymer CLI can be used for a lot of things in a Polymer development task.

Install Git

Polymer Install Git Polymer Install Git Polymer Install Git Polymer Install Git

Install an active LTS version of Node.js (4.x or 6.x). How to download Node.js

Install the latest version of Bower.

Polymer Install g bower Polymer Install g bower

Install Polymer CLI.

Polymer cli Polymer cli

You're all set. Run polymer help to view a list of commands.

polymer help

Polymer Tools

Polymer CLI is a command-line interface used in Polymer projects. It includes a build pipeline, a boilerplate generator for creating elements and apps, a linter, a development server, and a test runner.

Polymer CLI works with two types of projects:

Elements projects: In an element project, a single element or group of related elements are used in other element or app projects, or distributed on a registry like Bower or NPM. Elements are reusable and organized to be used alongside other elements, so components are referenced outside the project.

Application projects: In an app project, an application is built which contains polymer elements and deployed as a website. Applications are self-contained, organized with components inside the application.

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