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Content Writing Competition

We, at Javatpoint, always work for the betterment of our readers. We always provide the quality tutorials based on the latest technologies. As the next step to this process, We are going to conduct Content Writing Competition in which anyone can take participation by sending his or her own technical articles to [email protected]. The competition will be conducted each month and one Author will be selected as the Author of the month.

Rules of Competition

  1. The competition is open to all the respected readers who want to be a part of Javatpoint as an Author.
  2. To take part in the competition, the participant needs to send their articles on any of the technical topics to [email protected].
  3. An author can send any number of articles.
  4. The competition will be conducted each month and winners of the month will be announced on the 1st of every month.
  5. Participant are expected to send some unique and innovative articles.
  6. An article must contain at least 1000 words describing almost all the concepts regarding the topic.
  7. The article must be unique and must not be found copied from any of the websites.
  8. The articles must be grammatically correct and clear enough.
  9. We will give the levels to the articles based on the constraints mentioned above.
  10. The articles will be divided among three levels i.e. Level 1, Level 2 and Level 3.
  11. The article that most suited to our parameters will be marked as Level 1 article while the article that least suited to our parameters will be marked as Level 3 article.
  12. The author will be given 5 points per level 1 article, 3 points per level 2 article, 1 point per level 3 article.
  13. The author with the maximum points at the end of the month will be announced as "Author of the Month".
  14. We will also announce 10 runner-ups every month depending upon the number of points they collect during the month.

Cash Rewards

The winners of each month will also get some exciting cash rewards. There is total 20,000 rupees cash prize that will be distributed among all 11 winners every month.

  1. A cash prize of Rupees 10,000 and certificate will be given to the author of the month, along with that, he/she can also get the chance to be the part of our core group.
  2. All the 10 runner-ups will get the cash prize of rupees 1,000 each. Along with that, they will also get the Content Writing Certificate from Javatpoint.
  3. All the participants will be given priority to be selected for the content development internship (work from home), and they will be a Javatpoint Associate.

Note: We will publish all of our liked articles on our website with the name of the author. The article once sent to us must not be uploaded to any of the web forums, any website or blog.

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