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Java Scanner nextBoolean() Method

The nextBoolean() is a method of Java Scanner class which is used to scan the next token of the input into a boolean value and returns that value. If the translation is successful, the scanner past the input that matched.


Following is the declaration of nextBoolean() method:


This method does not accept any parameter.


The nextBoolean() method returns the boolean scanned from the input.


InputMismatchException- It will thrown this Exception if the next token is not a valid boolean.

NoSuchElementException- It will thrown this Exception if the input is exhausted.

IllegalStateException- It will thrown this Exception if the innvocation is done after Scanner is closed.

Compatibility Version

Java 1.5 and above

Example 1


Are you above 18?- True
You are over 18
Are you above 18?- False
You are under 18

Example 2


Not Found Boolean:Hello
Found Boolean:true
Not Found Boolean:World!
Not Found Boolean:12
Found Boolean:false
Not Found Boolean:15
Not Found Boolean:2.123

Example 3


Would you like to play? : True
Great! This will be fun.

Would you like to play? : False
Maybe next time
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