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Difference between PostgreSQL and MySQL

When we are choosing which database software is useful and best for our project, it is essential to make a comparison between the databases. PostgreSQL and MySQL are both the two most popular and widely used database software that comes as an open-source community. Both databases have their benefits, so the organization's better choice depends on the specific requirements and goals. Before making a comparison, we are going to discuss in brief about these databases.

What is PostgreSQL?

PostgreSQL is an open-source, cross-platform, and object-relational database management system (ORDBMS), which is officially written in the C programming language. Initially, it was introduced in the department of computer science, University of California. It provides a very easy setup and installation. It has supported both SQL and NoSQL query languages. It offers data to store securely and can recover whenever the request is processed. It is ACID-compliant, highly concurrent, and also supports functions, stored procedures & triggers. It has MVCC (multi-version concurrency control) that allows several users to work on the system at once.

What is MySQL?

MySQL is an open-source and popular database management system used for managing the relational database. Oracle provides support to access and manage this database. It is fast, scalable, and easy to use database management systems in comparison with other databases. It is commonly used with PHP scripts for creating powerful and dynamic server-side or web-based enterprise applications.

It works as Client-Server Architecture, where the clients make requests through a graphical user interface (GUI), and the server will give the desired output as soon as the instructions are matched.

It is developed and supported by the Swedish Company, MySQL AB, and written in C and C++ programming languages. Many small and big companies use MySQL. MySQL supports many Operating Systems like Windows, Linux, MacOS, etc. with C, C++, and Java languages.

PostgreSQL vs MySQL

Let us compare both databases through the tabular form. Although PostgreSQL and MySQL both are top-rated relational database management systems (RDBMS), but there are radical differences between them.

PostgreSQL and MySQL
Parameter PostgreSQL MySQL
Definition PostgreSQL is an open-source, cross-platform, and object-relational database management system (ORDBMS) built in the computer science department, University of California. It is an open-source, cross-platform relational database management system built by Swedish Company MYSQL AB and currently supported by the Oracle.
Known as PostgreSQL is a more densely featured database system. It is described as the most advanced open-source database version of Oracle in the world. MySQL is known for its fast speed, but it is less featured than PostgreSQL. It is the most popular database among the organization.
Release It was released as Postgre95 in May 1995. It was released in 1995.
Licensing It is license under the MIT-style. It is license under the GNU (General Public License).
Pronounce It is pronounced as post gress queue ell. It is pronounced as my ess queue ell.
Programming Languages


It is written in C. It is written in C/C++.
Popularity PostgreSQL is popular among the developers who come from the Oracle or SQL Server background. MySQL is popular among developers because of its fast speed and ease of use.
GUI Tool It provides PgAdmin GUI. It provides MySQL Workbench GUI.
Storage Engine PostgreSQL is a unified database server having a single storage engine. MySQL has a multi-layer structure having a set of storage engines. For example, InnoDB, MyISAM.
ACID Compliance It has the complete support of ACID-compliant. Only some versions are ACID-compliant.
Main Focus PostgreSQL is developed with a focus on features and standards. MySQL is developed with a focus on speed.
Used PostgreSQL is generally used on large and complex operations. It is more reliable for them. MySQL is generally used on simple operations.
Security It has Native SSL support. It has TLS support.
Provides PostgreSQL provides reliability, data integrity, and developers-friendly features. MySQL is generally used with PHP to deal with web pages and optimize simple queries.
Temporary Table It does not have a TEMP or TEMPORARY keyword in the DROP TABLE statement. It has a TEMP or TEMPORARY keyword in the DROP TABLE statement to remove the temporary table.
Table Inheritance It supports. It does not Support.
Replication Asynchronous, Cascade, and Synchronous. Asynchronous, Synchronous, and Semi-synchronous.
Task Scheduler It has a pgAgent task scheduler. It has a Scheduled event.
Connection Scalability Here, every time a connection is created, it is an OS process. Here, every time a connection is created, it is an OS thread.
Community Support It has strong and active community support of developers who continually improves the existing features with access to free resources. It has broad community support of developers who always maintain existing features with new features.
Company Uses Apple, Etsy, IMDB, Macworld, Debian, Red Hat, Sun Microsystem, Cisco, Skype. GitHub, US Navy, NASA, Tesla, Netflix, Facebook, Twitter, Zappos, YouTube, Spotify.

PostgreSQL advantages over MySQL

The following are some points that make PostgreSQL more favorable than MySQL:

  • PostgreSQL is a very secure, independent, and feature-rich open-source database.
  • PostgreSQL supports a lot of advanced data types like multi-dimensional arrays, user-defined types, etc.
  • PostgreSQL follows the SQL standards very well and supports "advanced" SQL stuff like window functions or common table expressions.
  • It provides all performance optimization that is supported in Oracle and SQL Server.
  • PostgreSQL is using by companies like Amazon, Redshift, Instagram, etc.

MySQL advantages over PostgreSQL

The following are some points that make MySQL more favorable than PostgreSQL:

  • MySQL is more popular than PostgreSQL in terms of DB ranking.
  • Getting community support and search answers is easier in MySQL than PostgreSQL.
  • Replication is well implemented in MySQL rather than PostgreSQL.
  • MySQL is using by companies like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc.

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