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Postman Intro to Collections

  • Collection in Postman means a group of API requests that are already saved in the Postman and can be arranged into folders. Any number of folders can be created inside a collection.
  • Putting similar requests into folders and collections helps the client in better organization and documentation of their requests.
  • All the APIs requests can be stored and saved within a collection, and these collections can be shared amongst the team in the Postman workspace.
Intro to Collections

Advantages of creating collections

  • Easy APIs import and export
    A collection can be imported or exported. Thus it can save time for transferring the requests.
  • Request categorization
    Requests can be grouped into folders and collections for easy access.
  • Passing data among requests
    Scripts can be used to pass data between API requests.
  • Running collections/folders.
    You can run individual requests or folder or collection as a whole in the Postman.
  • API documentation
    Postman provides you an option to add a name and description to your request, folder, and collections.
  • Building Test suits
    Test scripts can be added to requests, and integration test suites can be built.
  • Time-saving
    Setting any variable for collections will automatically apply the same to the folders generated under the collection and requests; thus, it saves time.

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