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Pravaig Veer Review


Two electric SUVs have just been introduced by Pravaig in India. The Veer open-top is a military-themed SUV perfect for off-road, adventure, and defense. The Defy, on the other hand, is a passenger car. The automaker says they are also open to offering the latter if needed.

Pravaig Veer Review

The Veer is functional even though it is still in the design stage. A recent show of the Veer, an electric car designed with the army in mind, was shown off at the auto expo 2023. The Veer is the only electric car on the road. Find out more about the Pravaig Veer by reading this article.

The Exterior of Pravaig Veer

Pravaig Veer Review

The exterior of Veer is very similar to that of Defy SUV. The Veer has a basic design and comes standard with only a few components, such as rollbar bonnet fenders and a trunk. The Veer has no doors, making it difficult for the soldiers to get in or out of the vehicle. However, setting up the Veer with a closed cab design is possible.

Other features of Veer EV include:

  • Four-ton Winch
  • Thermal imaging sensor
  • Airlift hooks
  • IP 65-rated Storage Space for Supplies
  • Two-ton Tow hitch
  • Mount for Tools or Weapons

Interior and Characteristics of Pravaig Veer

Pravaig Veer Review

Pravaig's Veer EV is super easy to use - all the controls are on a touchscreen in the middle. Plus, the military can customize the interior design to fit their needs. Even though it's simple, the Veer has numerous features, like six airbags, a 77 GHz radar, LED headlamps, 360-degree cameras with 12 sensors, and tire pressure monitoring. Plus, you can add HEPA air filters on closed cabs. Powering all of these features is provided by a multi-vac computer system.

Powertrain and Dimensions of the Pravaig Veer

Pravaig Veer Review

The Veer has a dual motor system that sends electrical power to all four wheels. Pravaig claims it has a maximum torque of 620Nm and a maximum power output of 408hp. It has a maximum speed of 210 mph and a run time of 0-100 mph in 4.9 secs.

The vehicle is equipped with a large lithium-ion battery with a capacity of 90.9 kWh and a claimed 500 km range. Pravaig states that the battery can fully charge in just 30 minutes and can travel over 10 lakh kilometers. The dimensions of the Veer EV are as follows:

  • Length: 4,940 mm
  • Width: 1,950 mm
  • Height: 1,650 mm
  • Wheelbase: 3,030 mm
  • Weight: 1,870kg
  • Pulling Capacity: 2,500kg
  • Carriage Capacity: 690kg

Safety Features

Front airbags, an anti-theft alarm and immobilizer system, ABS, electronic stability control, and a tire pressure monitoring system are just a few of the vehicle's safety features. This vehicle contains a total of six airbags.

Additional Characteristics

Pravaig Veer Review

According to the manufacturer, the Multi VAC computer that powers the Pravaig VEER is quicker than a supercomputer today. This computer's primary duties are hardware monitoring and executing Pravaig Dynamics driver assistance programs. This EV has eight cameras attached to it that offer a 360-degree overhead view of the VEER, allowing the driver to maneuver (a movement that needs care or skill) through confined spaces.

A radar system has been included for the driver's convenience in challenging weather circumstances, including fog, mist, and torrential rain. The Veer's additional 12 ultrasonic sensors enable it to recognize nearby objects.

Launch of Pravaig Veer

Customers may anticipate delivery of DEFY from Pravaig shortly since bookings for the product have already begun. The authorities still need to provide information on the VEER's debut date.


We are curious to see how effectively Pravaig keeps the promises they have made along their journey. The car has several great features, and it will be interesting to hear how they talk about a contract they have signed with the military for this EV to be used in the field once it is out on the road. It is important to note how much customization this car offers, as the manufacturer claims that the entire interior and some of the exterior features are fully configurable.

Rating: 2 stars out of 5 stars

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