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Preposition Definition

"I kept your book," you said. Do you not believe that you would like to know where your book is kept? The statement appears to be unfinished, don't you think? In English, prepositions are used to indicate where the sentence's objects are in relation to one another. The definition, usage, and meaning of prepositions are covered in this article. Additionally, a comprehensive list of prepositions is provided for your reference, along with examples of how prepositions are employed in sentences.

Preposition Definition

Preposition Definition

According to the Cambridge Dictionary, a preposition is "a word that connects a noun, a noun phrase, or a pronoun to another word, especially to a verb, another noun, or an adjective." Prepositions are "words or groups of phrases, such as in, from, to, out of and on behalf of, used before a noun or pronoun to convey place, position, time or manner," according to the Oxford Learner's Dictionary.

The use of prepositions in a sentence

When used in sentences, prepositions are thought to display a few important qualities and carry out a few essential tasks. Let's examine the numerous ways that prepositions are used in English.

  1. To give directions
  2. To tell the time when something happened
  3. To indicate a position or any specific location of something.
  4. To indicate the spatial relationship of the object.

Different Prepositions

Prepositions can be categorized into four primary categories based on their varied applications and roles. These are what they are:

Preposition of time: It is used to indicate the time when something happened.

For instance:

  • We'll get together on Friday.
  • Between 9 p.m. and 9 a.m., the grocery store will be closed.
  • Can you come back later?
  • Up to the end of May, we must work remotely.
  • To ensure everyone's safety and well-being during the pandemic, the entire nation was asked to remain at home.

Prepositions of place: To indicate the position or location of a thing

For example:

  • Is it possible to arrange the red roses for the white daisies?
  • In front of the EB office, he was holding out.
  • Prepositions of direction are used to describe how something moves or travels.

Preposition of direction: It is used to indicate the manner in which something moves.

Consider this:

  • The moment she saw her father, the girl hurried to embrace him.
  • For the benefit of his sister, Jerry dove into the river.
  • Veena handed Priya the book.
  • When will Salvia leave London and return?
  • Across the street lives Neena.

Preposition of location: they are used to indicate where a specific object is.

Consider this:

  • For the weekend, Kenny would stay at the home of his cousin.
  • Once you've finished playing, put all the toys back where they belong.
  • Navya leaned against the wall as she seated.
  • The circus was situated next to the playground.
  • Lakshmi took a seat among the trees.
  • By the stairs, Shankar was sitting.
  • We walked around the lake all night long.

Some prepositional phrases are noun-preposition combinations (the object it is affecting).

For instance:

  • Make sure to arrive at the location on time.
  • The medications you requested are no longer available.
  • Why don't we attempt holding class outside for a change?
  • Make sure to complete each form at once.

Prepositional Examples in Sentences

Check out the following sentences to see how prepositions can be utilized in sentences.

  • In the morning, I go to church.
  • The plates were set on the dining room table by her.
  • The cat was discovered by Baskar under the bed.
  • Will you be with Mazeeka or Raimy?
  • I adore spending the evenings on the beach.
  • By the lake, Rachel and Phoebe met.
  • Finn was standing next to Lisa.
  • Brother of mine ascended to the roof.
  • Sitting and reading under the trees is quite relaxing.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q.1. What is the definition of proposition?

Prepositions are brief words used in sentences to indicate how nouns, pronouns, or phrases relate to other elements of the respective sentences. Prepositions are frequently used in the last section of sentences.

Q.2. What are the various prepositional categories?

The various prepositional categories include:

  1. Place-related adverbs
  2. Temporal and directional prepositions
  3. Location Prepositions Relationship Prepositions in Space
  4. Prepositional Expression

Q.3. How can prepositions be used in sentences?

Examples of sentences with prepositions in them are shown below.

  • Between 9 p.m. and 9 a.m., the grocery store will be closed.
  • Can you come back later?
  • Will you be with Mazeeka or Raimy?
  • I adore spending the evenings lounging by the shore.
  • By the lake, Rachel and Phoebe met.

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