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PrimeFaces Configuration

Download JAR

To configure primefaces in our JSF application, we need to download only one JAR file primefaces-{version}.jar. We can manually download it from the official site of primfaces.

If we want to use it in maven project, we can add the following dependency in our pom.xml file.

Note: In NetBeans IDE, primefaces is included by default. We don't need to download it manually.


Mandatory dependencies: These are required to execute application.

Java - Java 6 or higher

JSF - JSF 2.0 or higher

Optional dependencies: These are not required but may be used to get custom features.

Dependency Description
commons-fileupload, commons-io It is used to upload files.
atmosphere It is used for Push support.
barcode4j-light It is used for barcode.
itext It is used to export PDF document.

After adding dependencies, let's create an application. This example includes the following steps.

Create a project

PrimeFaces Configuration 1

Provide project name.

PrimeFaces Configuration 2

Select server and J2EE version.

PrimeFaces Configuration 3

Select framework JSF and primeface Library.

PrimeFaces Configuration 4

Click on the finish, it will create a web application. The project structure looks like this:

PrimeFaces Configuration 5

This project contains default index.xhtml file. After running this index file, it produces the following output.

PrimeFaces Configuration 6

This page is redirect to welcomePrimefaces.xhtml that produces output like this:

PrimeFaces Configuration 7
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