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PrimeFaces Features

  • Rich UI Components
  • Ajax Support
  • Push Support
  • Dialog Suppport
  • Client Side Validation
  • Mobile UI kit
  • Skinning Framework

Rich UI Components

It provides over 100 UI (User Interface) components. We can use that to create interective interface for JSF application. It includes HtmlEditor, Dialog, AutoComplete, Signature etc.

Ajax Support

Primefaces provides built-in Ajax support. We can use it to perform Ajax call for the JSF application. It provides Ajax components like: counter, listener, event, poll etc.

PrimeFaces Ajax Javascript API is powered by jQuery and optimized for JSF. Whole API consists of properly namespaced simple javascript functions PrimeFaces.ajax.Request, PrimeFaces.ajax.Response.

Push Support

It provides Atmosphere framework that provides us push support. The Atmosphere Framework is the most popular asynchronous application development framework for enterprise Java. PrimeFaces Push 2.0 is based on Atmosphere as its predecessor and follows an annotation based approach this time.

Dialog Support

PrimeFaces provides Dialog Framework which is used to open an external xhtml page in a dialog that is generated dynamically on runtime. The RequestContext provides methods to open and close dialog.

Client Side Validation

PrimeFaces provides the most advanced Client Side Validation for JavaServer Faces and Java EE. It is used to validate data at client side. It is compatible with Server Side Implementation and provides Advanced Bean Validation Integration.

Mobile UI Kit

It provides a mobile UI kit to create JSF application for mobile phones. It is default in the library. So, does not require any additional downloading. It is built on top of jQuery Mobile.

It includes various features popular PrimeFaces components, ajax framework extensions, mobile ajax behavior events, integrated navigation model, lazy loading of pages, responsive widgets etc.

Skining Framework

It provides lots of built-in themes and designer tools for visual themes. PrimeFaces is integrated with powerful ThemeRoller CSS Framework. Currently there are many pre-designed themes that we can preview and download from PrimeFaces theme gallery.

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