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PrimeFaces Introduction

It is an UI (User Interface) library for JSF (JavaServer Faces) based applications. It is designed and developed by PrimeTek. It is Cross-platform, open source and written in Java programing language.

It provides rich set of UI components, built-in ajax support, themes etc. It has became popular and supported by Oracle. It is default library in NetBeans IDE.

PrimeFaces Versions

The following table contains versions history of primefaces.

Version Released date Features introduced
PrimeFaces 0.8.1 23-02-2009 This version introduced Captcha, resizable components and AJAX tab loading features.
PrimeFaces 0.8.2 26-03-2009 It enhanced Carousel component.
PrimeFaces 0.8.3 23-04-2009 YUI upgraded to 2.7.0.
PrimeFaces 0.9.0 15-06-2009 It includes jQuery, JS library for creating PrimeFaces widgets.
PrimeFaces 0.9.1 04-08-2009 It includes new components such as Drag & Drop, Media, InputMask, Dock, outputPanel and many features for existing components.
PrimeFaces 0.9.2 07-09-2009 It includes layout and TabSwitch components.
PrimeFaces 0.9.3 05-10-2009 It includes touchFaces mobile UI kit, five new components (PickList, HotKey, VirtualKeyboard and reimplemented FileUpload, Tooltip components), improved portlet support, enhanced datatable and various improvements.
PrimeFaces 1.0.0 and 2.0.0 15-02-2010 It was first release with production ready status and suitability for JSF 2.0.
PrimeFaces 1.0.1 and 2.0.1 19-04-2010 It includes new components (Dashboard, ProgressBar, MenuButton, Focus and ContextMenu), Spring WebFlow support and Security EL Extensions.
PrimeFaces 1.0.2 and 2.0.2 31-05-2010 It includes new components (TreeTable, DataGrid, TimeLine and Spreadsheet)
PrimeFaces 1.1 and 2.1 26-07-2010 Last release targeting JSF 1.2.
PrimeFaces 2.2 07-02-2011 Initial portlet support enhancements, jQuery 1.43 and jQuery UI 1.8.5.[8]
PrimeFaces 3.0 04-01-2012 Fully reworked architecture for JSF 2.0, Update PrimePUSH and PrimeFaces Mobile, new components (TimeLine, FeedReader, Sheet, Subtable and new chart types).
PrimeFaces 3.1 06-02-2012 Accessibility enhancements for WAI-ARIA.
PrimeFaces 3.2 12-03-2012 New widget architecture, Themes upgrade, brand new components (BlockUI, MegaMenu, SplitButton, DefaultButton).
PrimeFaces 3.3 29-05-2012 Partial Submit and Selector API.
PrimeFaces 3.4 03-09-2012 It enhanced PrimePUSH framework based on Atmosphere based, Upgrade to jQuery 1.8.1 and jQuery UI 1.8.23.
PrimeFaces 3.5 04-02-2013 It provides RTL Support, accessibility improvements, new components(Clock, Horizontal Tree)and many features for existing components.
PrimeFaces 4.0 03-10-2013 It is JSF 2.2 Support, Client Side Validation Framework, Dialog Framework, Search Expressions, Deferred Loading, brand new HTML5 FileUpload, new components(fragment, multiSelectListbox, sticky) and many features for existing components.
PrimeFaces 5.0 05-05-2014 It includes brand new chart API, new components(DataScroller, Cache, Spotlight, ColumnToggler and ContentFlow), Exception handler, PrimeFaces mobile(PFM) reimplementation, improved PrimePUSH, accessibility enhancements and many features for existing components.
PrimeFaces 5.1 06-10-2014 It includes new components (Ribbon, InputSwitch, Barcode, and GridCSS), accessibility improvements and many features for existing components.
PrimeFaces 5.2 08-04-2015 It added new components (Diagram and Steps), accessibility enhancements and many features for existing components.
PrimeFaces 5.3 19-10-2015 It includes new components (Signature Component and DragDrop Support for Touch Enabled Devices).
PrimeFaces 6.0.7 29-01-2016 Current release.

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