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PrimeFaces SelectOneListbox

It is an extended version of the standard selectOneListbox component. It is used to select one value from the list. PrimeFaces provides <p:selectOneListbox> component to create listbox. It is useful when we want to get user choice from the multiple options. It has various attributes that are tabled below.

SelectOneListbox Attributes

Attribute Default value Return type Description
id null String It is an unique identifier of the component.
rendered true Boolean It is used to render component. It takes boolean value.
binding null object It is used to set an expression that maps to a server side UIComponent instance in a backing bean
value null object It is used to set value of the component referring to a List.
converter null Converter/String It is used to set text that defines a converter for the component.
required false Boolean It is used to make component as required
widgetVar null String It is a name of the client side widget.
disabled false Boolean It is used to disable the component.
label null String It is used to set user presentable name.
var null String Name of iterator to be used in custom content display.
filter false boolean Displays an input filter for the list.
filterMatchMode null String Match mode for filtering, valid values are startsWith (default), contains, endsWith and custom.
filterFunction null String Client side function to use in custom filterMatchMode.
caseSensitive false Boolean Defines if filtering would be case sensitive.
scrollHeight null Integer Defines the height of the scrollable area.


Here, in the following example, we are implementing <p:selectOneListbox> component. This example contains the following files.

JSF File

// listbox.xhtml




PrimeFaces Selectonelistbox 1
PrimeFaces Selectonelistbox 2

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