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PrimeFaces Toolbar

It is a horizontal grouping component which is used to form a toolbar with commands and other content. PrimeFaces provides <p:toolbar> component to create toolbar in JSF application. It is useful to create tool based web application. It also has various attributes that are tabled below.

Toolbar Attributes

Attribute Default value Type Description
id null String It is an unique identifier of the component.
rendered true Boolean It is used to specify the rendering of the component.
binding null Object An el expression that maps to a server side UIComponent instance in a backing bean
style null String It is used to set inline style of the container element.
styleClass null String It is used to set style class of the container. element.


Here, in the following example, we are implementing <p:toolbar> component. This example contains the following files.

JSF File

// toolBar.xhtml




PrimeFaces CommandLink 1

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