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Program to Reveal the Positions in Minesweeper

Minesweeper is played on a grid (game board) comprising of cells. Every cell can be in one of three states: unrevealed, revealed, or flagged. A few cells might contain mines, and the objective is to uncover all cells that don't contain mines. On the off chance that a player uncovers a cell containing a mine, the game ends. Each revealed cell that is definitely not a mine contains a number demonstrating the count of adjoining cells containing mines. Players can uncover cells each in turn. In the event that a revealed cell has no adjoining mines, the game naturally reveals adjacent cells until it arrives at cells with numbers.

Program to Reveal the Positions in Minesweeper Program to Reveal the Positions in Minesweeper

Problem Statement:

We are supposed to implement a program to stimulate the revealing of positions in a simplified Minesweeper game. In the Minesweeper game, the player is given a lattice(grid) of cells, some of which contain hidden mines. The objective is to uncover all protected(safe) squares without uncovering a mine. Each revealed square may likewise show a number demonstrating the complete number of adjacent mines.

Code Implementation:

Program to Reveal the Positions in Minesweeper


  1. Using generateMinePositions method, a Minesweeper board with the specified number of rows and columns is created.
  2. Mines are arbitrarily placed on the board using the generateMinePositions() procedure, which produces unique positions for mines.
  3. It uses a Set to ensure novel mine positions.
  4. In order to create irregular situations on the board, an irregular item is used.
    This procedure prints the current status of the Minesweeper board.
  5. By calling revealDFS() with the predetermined line and section, this method initiates the most common method of uncovering board positions.
  6. Resulting to revealing positions, it prints the invigorated board.
  7. Depth First Search (DFS) is used to recursively uncover positions.
  8. The strategy takes a gander at in case the continuous position is of cutoff points or has recently been visited.
  9. It counts the amount of connecting mines and updates the cell as required:
  10. In case there are bordering mines, the phone is revived with the count.
  11. If there are no abutting mines, the phone is separate as 'B' and adjoining positions are recursively revealed.


Thus, we can implement the program using depth-first search approach to reveal the positions in minesweeper.

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