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Programming using AVR Studio

AVR studio is an Integrated Development Environment (IDE) developed by ATMEL for developing different embedded applications based on 8-bit AVR microcontroller. Before the installation of AVR Studio you have to install the compiler WinAVR. By installing WinAVR allow AVR Studio to detect the compiler.

Step 1:

Programming using AVR Studio1

Step 2:

Programming using AVR Studio2

Click on new project.

Step 3:

Programming using AVR Studio3
  • First click on AVR GCC
  • Configure the project name
  • Select the project location
  • Click on Next

Step 4:

Programming using AVR Studio4
  • Click on AVR Simulator in left side of block and then select your microcontroller (For e.g. - ATmega16).
  • Then click on finish button

Step 5:

Programming using AVR Studio5
  • Write the code in main body area mention in above snapshot.
  • Then save the project file.

Step 6:

Programming using AVR Studio6
  • Go to project option as shown in above snapshot.
  • Then click on configuration option.

Step 7:

Programming using AVR Studio7
  • If you are using external crystal then write the crystal frequency in highlighted box present in above snapshot.
  • Then check the checkbox corresponding for creating Hex file and then click on OK.
  • Now save the project again.

Step 8:

Programming using AVR Studio8
  • Go to build option -> Then Compile
  • This will compile the code and generate the error if any.
Programming using AVR Studio9

For the first time compilation it will generate two errors, ignore them.

Step 9:

Programming using AVR Studio10
  • Again go to build option and click on build.
  • This operation will generate the hex file of a code
  • Use this hex file for burning into your microcontroller using programmer.

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